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  1. I talked to Larry from B&H about choosing a DSLR housing and strobes for my outdated Nikon D200. Well, D200 still work great so I will keep using it for several more years. When D800 is out, D200 will be my designated underwater camera. After talking to Larry, I think I will forget about my Nikkor 17-35mm because it is not wide enough for underwater pictures. Now I think I will just go with Macro 60mm. Larry suggested buy one Ikelite Substrobe DS-51 Kit for now. He thinks one strobe is good enough for macro. I can always add another strobe later when I have a wider lens. Right now I have Ikelite DS-51 Kit, Ikelite Flat Port for SLR Housing for 60mm, and Ikelite 6812 iTTL Underwater Housing for Nikon D-200 in my cart. It's just a little over USD 2000 and I am pretty happy about the price but I am not sure if this will be sufficient for my upcoming trip. I will dive in Cairns and Fiji in November. Should I consider DS-161 since it has a focusing light? It is much bigger and heavier than DS-51. What would you suggest? Thank you very much.
  2. Looks like most liveaboard boats live on Saturday. My flight won't get there until Sunday afternoon. I guess I have to look for other options. Thank you for replying.
  3. Some of my photos from that trip are here: http://photographyunderpressure.com/galler...464547745/fiji/ Great photos. Thanks for sharing. I will look into this site.
  4. We are planning our trip to Fiji in November and we have airline tickets already but still don't know where to dive in Fiji. We checked many websites but still can not decide. Many people say Savusavu Bay is the best for colorful fish and coral. We don't know if we should stay around this bay area for the entire trip or should we explore other parts of island. We will be in Fiji for 8 days and can dive for 6 days. There are many website offer packages including lodging, food, and diving. Their prices look reasonable but we don't know if the sites they pick will be good or not. We are not crazy about diving with oceanic white tipped sharks and more interested in colorful coral and non-poisonous fish. Can you sharing your experience in Fiji? Do you recommend signing up a package deal or book diving and lodging separately? Where are your favorite photography sites? Thank you very much,
  5. Thank for replying. Now I need to figure out which strobe I need to get and then practice in swimming pool before I go there.
  6. I am new to underwater photography although I have been using SLR for a long time. I will dive in Cairns and Fiji in November and would will use my Nikon D200. Right now I am researching on gears for D200. I read the article by Cheng, "Filters and Ambient Light Photography" When I am in Cairns and Fiji, I expect myself not going deeper than 50 feet and do day dives only. I think I will use both a wide angle lens and macro 60mm. Do you think using a filter will be sufficient for clear water in Cairns and Fiji or still a better idea get two strobes? If filters will be sufficient, what kind of filters should I get? I assume water over there will be clear and blue? If I still need strobes, do you have recommendations? I do not see myself diving in California nor anywhere very deep. I guess I do not need very powerful strobes. Thank you very much for your suggestion.
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