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  1. That's great, Eli. I'll send it out later this week.
  2. In a batch of Subal Type 4 extension rings that we purchased, we acquired a Type 3 Subal 28mm extension ring, but we can't use it. Pristine condition. Absolutely free. We are limiting shipping to the United States, please.
  3. Hello all, I've been shooting (cold water) for a few years, recently upgrading from my workhorse Nikon D700 to a Nikon D850. Must say that I can see a difference in my images right off the bat. My husband followed suit, trading his Nikon D3X for a D850 and he also thinks his images are of higher quality. We both continue to use Subal housings and we're very pleased with our new ND850's. Our focus is marine life identification. www.divermerry.com
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