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  1. Also included is a Metz 54 MZ-4 for your above water flash needs! Did I mention the pelican case goes with it???
  2. I'm sure we can work something out. Where would we be shipping too?
  3. I can't find the edit button! Here is a photo of the strobes, bars and cords: I'll listen to all offers!
  4. Up for sale IkeLite Housing is great condition. 2 ports a 6" dome and a 4" flat. I don't have the Ike part numbers but I used the flat port with a 60mm AF Micro Nikkor and the dome with a Sigma 14mm. Every feature of the camera can be accessed through the housing! 2 Strobes. A sub strobe 150 and a DS 50 with the appropriate TTL cords and arms. Also included is the 4052 quick charger for the 150. This is an old strobe but a real work horse. The battery pack is rebuild-able if it ever fails but is working perfectly. TTL works great with this rig! The camera is a Fuji S2Pro. I don't have any pictures of it, I used it to photo the Ikelite gear. It is in excellent condition and a USA Non grey market camera. This sale includes the camera body, body cap, strap, and an external power supply only. NO LENSES sorry. Also included is a pelican 1650 case to carry it all in. Why you ask, I quit diving when I moved to Florida. After the reefs of Okinawa, the gulf just looks like a desert. I have moved up to an S5 camera and the only way the housing is still worth anything is with a camera that fits it so they both go. This is an AWESOME piece of kit! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. I'll do my best. Ikelite is a great company to deal with as well. Asking $1100.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. The ports, strobes and cables are worth that alone! PayPal works for me! If you're near Pensacola and want to pick it up, that would work in your favor. email me at frank(AT)talonsky(dot)com
  5. Hey Dave, When were you in Okinawa? I was here from '86-'90 and came back in 99. Remember Ed Cooper from Ed's Pro Dive Shop? Frank
  6. Domo Arigato Yuji-san! It was posted by the admin.
  7. Thanks you for the software, I will give it a good workout. Would you concider opening this offer to a F Mount forum I belong to? It was formally a FujiFilm S2Pro forum but has grown to include all Fmount digital SLR's. I know they would enjoy it too! http://www.theswampbbs.com/forums/index.php Thanks Again!
  8. Very nice layout. I like to add frames to the photos on my site, just has a little extra touch. Swing by and check it out! And keep shooting! www.talonsky.com :CHEERS:
  9. I boosted the red with levels then added some saturation then bumped up the contrast and finally used one shot of USM with PSCS. If you send me the RAW file, better work could be done. There is only so much you can do with a small JPEG. I might have gone a little heavy on the red but that would be up to you. The biggest problem I see is there is very little contrast to pull this well camouflaged critter out to catch your eye.
  10. I didn't get the impression that he thought the shop was unfair, He was just suffering from sticker shock. You should have seen the look on my face when I first found out what a Subal housing would cost for my S2Pro! About 3 times the cost of the camera! And that is without ports or strobes! That's why it took almost a year from the time I decided to house my camera to when I actually bought the housing. BTW, I went with Ikelite not for the low cost but from nearly a years research into service, support and MUCH internet time reading others opinions. So settle in dchillis and save some money, do some dishes and enjoy the ride! Sticker shock does not kill!!
  11. Thanks All! I've lived here from 86-90 and 99-now. Hope to stay longer but might have to move in 06. Meanwhile, I'll just keep diving like there is no tomorrow!
  12. I know what you mean about dive buddies! Between me and my non wife dive buddy, we have over 50 years experience between us! No here is the kicker: I'm shooting and he comes up on me and asks where the anchor is. I point to where it was... But, it is not there anymore... Ever have to swim about 3/4 of a nautical mile in 6 foot swells?!? Talk about a workout!!!! I rolled on my back and set the camera on my chest and just kicked... for a LONG time! Sometimes old heads need a kick in the butt, we got ours today. Anyway, I will be back in that spot tomorrow but I won't be shooting, I'll be going after my anchor. The clevis between the anchor and rode came off. Next time, they will be safety wired closed!!
  13. Thanks Christa! I did a late afternoon dive today and go some more shots. They are posted in the same gallery. Stop by and check them out! I would have had more keepers but it was about 2 hours before sunset and I was at about 125 feet. My single DS50 did its best but I was pushing it hard. I should have a SS150 in a week or so... I can't wait to head out with dual strobes!!! I should mention, I know the shot of the turtle is a little soft but my strobe had died and I was at full swim chasing him with a shutter speed of 1/20, so not to bad considering! Thanks Again
  14. Hello all, I've been a semi active member over at the S2Pro forum at www.fmount.com for some time now. I am an avid diver who just recently housed my S2. Photos can be seen at my website. Please post you critics here. Let me know what you think, how to make them better etc etc... www.talonsky.com Thanks!!!
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