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  1. Hello. I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to try one of the new GoPros out underwater yet? The reviews I've read only mention disappointment that it can only go to 10m, however, I was considering it as a small, mask mounted camera strictly for snorkeling so 10m wouldn't be a problem. I'd be really interested to hear any feedback. Thanks Tony
  2. Does anyone have any experience of how the A6000 performs if used primarily for video? Tony
  3. Does anyone have any experience of using an external macro lens with a GoPro like this: http://www.hurtlegear.com.au/gopro-hero3-macro-lens-1/ I'm not sure if it would actually work underwater or if there'd be distortion (like the domed lens of the original GoPro housing). I asked the website I linked, but they weren't sure. Tony
  4. Thanks for the info....... The snake river trays seem very popular
  5. Oops, no, I know where to find it as I've already downloaded it myself, I just haven't tried it out yet. I meant "find it" as in how did you like it? What is it like to work with? Also how are you sola's mounted, are they on a tray? I'm asking because I've recently bought a go pro myself and I'm looking at different lighting options. Thanks Tony
  6. Nice video :-) I've downloaded the new Go Pro Studio 2, but I've not got round to using it yet. How did you find it? I was also wondering what lighting setup you were using in this video? Regards Tony
  7. I just edit them natively in Sony Vegas.
  8. I have the HFG10 in a Gates housing with twin L&M 1200's. Just got back from it's first proper test: a week in South West Rocks, NSW filming Grey Nurse Sharks. So far I am very pleased with the results. The only issue I did have with it was in perorming a manual white balance in water which, I suspect, was probably me doing something wrong so in the end I just left it in auto and I'm correcting it in post. Tony
  9. Hi Dave. Most of my diving is based around Melbourne where I live, however if you're in Australia and can get up to Queensland then of course the Barrier Reef is The iconic place. My wife has dived on the Yongala and rates it as the best dives she has ever done, however I believe that it can be a tricky site to get on to as conditions have to be just right. I think the main thing to bare in mind is that without stating the obvious, Australia is a big country, so unless you want to spend most of your time in airports I would limit yourself to the East coast. Sydney itself has many excellent dive sites, for example Magic Point for Grey Nurse Sharks (need to check the time of year though as they are seasonal) or even Shelley Beach for an excellent shore dive. Byron Bay has a good reputation. My personal recomendation would be Southwest Rocks. Most of the diving takes place at Fish Rock, an island just off the coast, a 125m tunnel leads right through the middle of the island and if that doesn't keep you interested there are the Grey Nurse Sharks, Wobbegongs, Stingrays and Queensland Groupers :-). I've dived with them before and will be going back later this year. http://www.southwestrocksdive.com.au Dive Oz is also a good source of information for anyone interested in diving over here http://www.southwestrocksdive.com.au Wherever you pick though you're sure to have a blast. Tony
  10. Hello I've never used the camera but apparently it will fit an Equinox HD8 or HD8X housing: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/7686...ING_w_SONY.html I'd be interested to know how it goes as the review I've read mention that it's large sensor makes for great low light performance. However personally the large size of the housing puts me off a bit. Tony
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