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  1. Hi Bob i do not have the camera or strobes anymore i did upgrade to inon z240 and had no problem but what you said now makes a lot of sense,i did contact sea&sea but at that time they didn't have any idea what was wrong now i think they have had several complaints and just came up with to fast a sync speed,thanks for the reply anyway boyd
  2. Stay away from the Nano neo range i had the FIX Neo 500 mini and after greasing o rings just kept flooding no dust dirt hair splits in o ring cleaned properly just kept flooding great light for photography but not well built
  3. Hi i know this is a bit old but have you turned the focus light on to photo mode i.e hold down the on button until the green light flashes once you have done this the light will turn off when you take the shot
  4. Hi i am puting up my camera and housing for sale Nauticam NA-EM1 housing with vacuum leak detector Nauticam flat port 66 Olympus O-MD E-M1 camera body may split if interested
  5. The EV is always been on strobe but the inon worked great if the camera was on ttl and strobe on ttl EV on strobe set to 0 you got good ttl at 1/320 and f22 if I adjust EV on strobe positive it gives brighter photo and if I turn EV to negitive it gives darker photo like it should at any distance
  6. close macro is ok its when you go a little bit further away from the subject,if you leave the EV on 0 then its fine you just cant tune it any if over or under exposed but just went up to the mates plugged his inon s2000 onto my omd em1 tryed everything and all works fine
  7. Yes it works fine on manual always has done but if you want to use TTL after the setting i gave earlier the camera and strobe dont sync i.e 1/320 the highest F IF F14 and if you want to shot up at F22 then fastest shutter is 1/160 but on manual all is ok
  8. Hi the only way for the pre flash not to work is to put the flash on manual after that you only get 1 flash when flash fires.
  9. ok guys what i have done is check a few things so here goes if you want full use of EV dial on ys-d1 when set to TTL you can have 1/320 but no higher f stop than F14 if you want F22 then no faster shutter speed than 1/160 here are a couple of photos first is F18 AND 1/200 next is F18 AND 1/250 the faster the shutter speed and higher the F stop the worse it gets
  10. Hi rc mode is off and camera is on version 1.4 firmware but as I said before if you are doing macro usually it's ok but the further away from subject you go the problem gets worse with EV dial adjusted
  11. Hi guys forgot to add that at these settings for macro are ok but if you go about 1.5 to 2 feet from subject then the shutter problem happens
  12. Hi guys sorry for starting this thread and then had to go away on business for a couple of weeks but paratom could you try as it works on land as well set up camera to f22 and at 1/320 on camera set the EV dial in ys-d1 to 0 (zero) take photo it should be ok then try and adjust EV dial up and down this is where problem start.take photo with light background set to TTL and adjust EV dial to say 1.0 take photo you should see the camera shutter come into picture from top
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