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  1. Well... Still looking for the best WA to shot in Cenotes both photos and videos and I recently thought that maybe the Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM could finally be enough wide with the FF of the 5DIII...? Really straight, fast (not really important in Cenotes but for widelife sometimes it can be a real advantage I think...),... Any idea and comment about that choice ?
  2. Nice shots ! Physical vignette free from + 14-15mm on FF for vidéo means that the effect will be more WA or Fisheye ?
  3. Thanks a lot for your answer! From the time I created this topic and after many search here and elsewhere, I choose to go on a 16-35 II wich I'm gonna add a Zen 230mm I think. I'm just still hesiting between the 200mm and the 230mm...? And also, I don't know yet if I need to add an extension to this couple ? If you have an idea ? Also I still want something wider and I was going on the Sigma f/2.8 FE that I know I can use with the Zen Dome (I saw Alex M shots on his try of the D800). I still have to check at wich extension I need to add it with the 5DMIII ? If you have an idea about it it would be very welcome ! In another way, I was considering the EF 8-15mm f4 USM. Quality seems very good even if it doesn't seem more good that the Sigma at 15mm that is the focale that is interseting me and then a lot more expensive. The only thing that could interested me with that lens vs the Sigma could be if I could add a 1.4 convertisseur to it and if by adding this convertisseur I could get sharp ultra WideAngle from 13, 14 or even 15mm to...? Could it work like that or that idea is simply stupid ?
  4. Hello, I know there is already lot of topics talking about WA choices and though I already read a lot on the forum but didn't really find answers to my questions so I begin this topic in order to have your ask on some of questions I'm asking to me now. i would like to get the best for WA underwater use and i would get some hints regarding them. I exclude fisheyes who distort to much if you ask me. I'm more inetrested by rectilinear wide angles or maybe the Sigma 15mm diagonal fisheye as i don't like bent images or have to bend them back in PS. I tend to get the Sigma as it seems to distort underwater only slightly and it get very good reviews but i am open to other solutions. Lens could be something like: - Sigma 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye. or - Canon 14mm f/2.8L II USM. I also would like to get a zoom for more versatility for some dives, lens could be - Canon 17-40mm f/4L USM lens or - Canon 16-35 f/2.8L II USM Most of the photos I take are pictures of moods with diver(s) as principal subject either in Cave diving (Cenotes) or on and in deep wrecks (150ft to 300ft +). I also would like to profit of the qualities of 5DMIII to make some videos. My housing is a Hugyfot. I am basically looking for recommendations about sets of wide angle, extension, port, dome that are Ideal for Underwater use with the 5DIII + Hugyfot housing that set my practice at best. Thanks for any help, Yannig
  5. Hello, Are they still for sale ? Thank you, Yannig
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