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  1. This is the Nauticam housing for the Canon EOS 7D Mark I with the 8.5 inch acrylic fisheye dome port, 20 and 50 Nauticam extension rings, and the Canon EOS 7D Mark I camera body. All in excellent shape, never flooded. There are a few superficial scratches on the acrylic dome, which disappear when submersed (like most non-glass dome ports). I am selling them because I upgraded to the Mark II. The set does not include lenses or strobes. Housing was purchased new for $3200, dome port and extension rings were $1240 new. $2100 USD for the complete set, includes shipping to continental US.
  2. Unfortunately, as we were packing up the van to drive back to New York after our last dive on Saturday (5/28/11), my underwater photography equipment was stolen. It happened very quickly, around 4:30 in the afternoon. We were rinsing gear and taking turns heading back to the bunkhouse in shifts to shower, but someone must have been watching us and walked off with the gear as soon as they got the chance, in a brief instant when the picnic table was not being directly observed. The equipment was a Canon 7D DSLR (serial #0970601694) in a Nauticam housing (serial #A006001), with a Tokina 60 mm macro lens in a flat port, an Inon S2000 strobe and a Mangrove VC-4L6 video light. SO, the reason that I am posting this here is on the off chance that anyone runs into any gear that sounds like this for sale, or if anyone has any information that might hold a clue, I would really appreciate hearing from you. I am offering a $1500 reward for the working equipment set, and $200 for the memory card with the images intact … I only lost the last day's images, but those were some of my best! I have been working with the police, who have contacted the regional pawn shops, etc.. I have been watching Craigslist and eBay. Also, the owner of Olympus Dive Center (Bobby Purifoy), and the charter / sales manager (Nema Triplett) have been fantastic, running down leads, keeping me posted, and circulating this information to their own local contacts, etc… Safe diving, and thanks for reading this…! Mike
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