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  1. Sea Wasp, Please stand by, I have to find the postage cost to the UK. I would spring only for a small amount. I will post here later. Starfish: Shipping 2 lb to Alberta has to go air mail. I costs $16 USD. Would you be willing to split the cost. 8$ USD for each of us? If so, please pay Paypal $108 USD and I will get it in the mail. Please send your email address to jimirak9@aol.com and I will reply. Jimirak
  2. Please see my recent post (by Jimirak). I have one such cord which is dual and appears to be spoken for but I have two single Ike cords with a Nikonos connector which is available right now. They retail for $100 US and I am selling them for $60. Mint condition. Jim
  3. Yes, I would ship to Canada but let me check with the Post Office to see if there is a markup on this. I have not sold the dual so it is yours. Please stand by while I look into this. Jimirak
  4. Thanks to each of you for your suggestions. Sorry I am late with this reply. I was able to remove the little "mark" on the Aquatica mini dome port by just using Novus plastic polish. The first thing I did was to mask around the affected area using masking tape. Then with a soft cloth and the intermediate Novus polish (red lettering on the bottle) I rubbed vigorously. Two fine scratches disappeared immediately and then the "mark" later disappeared as well. I finished up with the fine polish (green lettering bottle). So we know that this Aquatica dome is not coated on the outside. Recently in Palau, a friend put a ding in his aquatica mini dome port as well. It took more rubbing, we did not mask, but eventually we did get the deeper ding to be almost gone. He was shooting only video and checked it out and it did not show up in the videos. I think with a little more work I could have got the ding to be completely gone. So there is hope for glass dome dings if the ding is not too bad. Jimirak
  5. I have two single Ikelight synch cords for sale (TTL) and one dual Ikelight synch cord. The former cords sell new for $100 and the double cord, new, sells for $160. I am willing to sell the single cords for $60 each and the dual cord for $100. All three cords are in mint condition. Photographs of the cords are shown below. Paypal only, please.
  6. I have a nautical finder for sale. It is in out-of-the-box condition. It has been used on no more than four dives. I used it with my Aquatica AD7000 housing, using Nauticam's adapter ring for Aquatica, so it will fit at least this Aquatica housing in addition to Nauticam housings. I have always been quite finicky about the buoyancy of my system and would rather accept a more limited viewing area as opposed to dealing with the weight that the finder adds to my Aquatica housing, although I have to say that the view through the finder is very sweet. I paid $1395 for this new finder nine months ago and I am willing to sell it for $1075. Several pictures of the finder are attached. Payment through Paypal only, please.
  7. I have an Aquatica 4 inch mini-dome and I recently slipped in a stream and put a small "smudge" on the dome. It probably hit a smooth rock. The smudge is about 1/8 inch long and a little less than that wide. If I rub my finger over the dome I can feel some roughness in that region. For so long I heard that glass dome defects like this cannot be buffed out, but I have nothing to lose by trying something because the only alternative is springing for a new dome. I was hoping there was a way to buff out the opaqueness of this little area which lights up when my strobes fire. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Jimirak
  8. This is a complete underwater video system. Included are the Sony camcorder, Gates housing, a 60 degree and 90 degree dome ports for the housing, one UK Canon Lite underwater video light, two camcorder batteries, charger, cords, housing spare O-Ring and instructions. This is a high quality standard definition system with the highest quality optics costing $600 alone for the 90 degree dome port. It is very rugged and compact as only Gates can do. It can be a second system or starter system, or just keep it in your dive bag in case a good video opportunity arises. It was used on only six or seven dive trips. Please contact me at jimirak9@aol.com Priced at $650
  9. This extension ring can be used to extend the basic macro port so that a 105 mm macro lens can be used. It is a very common ring and I used it with my 2004 vintage Sea and Sea housing to extend their 8 inch dome for use with a Nikon 12 -24 mm lens. Please refer to Sea and Sea's lens and port information to identify the correct ring sizes for their latest housings. I will sell the ring for $170. It is in mint condition. If interested, please contact me at jimirak9@aol.com. I have attached a jpg file showing the ring. Only USA orders and Paypal payments please.
  10. I had until recently been insured with DEPP for five years continuously. Last year I noticed a small amount of water in my housing after opening the housing after a dive and thought it must have been a rinse bucket leak, but after it happened during a dive, a closer look confirmed there was a small curved dent across the O-Ring groove. This had to be made by my accidentally dropping the back of the housing on one of the alignment dowel pins, as the dowel pins are truncated cones having a sharp edge. After going back and forth over this matter for some time with Mr. Deane Lehrmitt, the head of DEPP and who communicated with me about the claim, nothing happened. Later Mr. Lermitt told me the claim was approved for payment but the claim until this day has not been paid. Recently DEPP notified me that they would be deducting another year of coverage unless I explicitly canceled. I emailed them with my cancellation and told them I would reconsider if they paid the claim. I have not heard back from them since.
  11. Is the the newer version of the strobe with the larger flat battery Port cap and does it have the bolt which fastens on the Strobe arm (Ultralight arm)
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