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  1. Dear Alex, when the wheel was invented in the bronce age there were many people who said this is gonna be the end of the world. When trains became popular in the "wild west" times of the USA there were many high reputed scientists who claimed that "any transportation faster than a horse will effect humans health in a negative way". When Andreas Feininger wrote in 1978 that "photography became much easier since many (analog) cameras come with half- or even full-automatic modes now", lots of purists cried and moaned about the eclipse of photography. So...the story is not new. In the search for the "best shot" it were us -the underwater photographers- who digged our own grave. PROs do not buy pictures. You can spend a lifetime talking with PROs about this topic...and will still see your fridge empty. So, we deliver what is demanded by the public. And the public wants "perfect" pictures. Talk to a photographer who is ( just as an example ) working for the "Vogue" magazine : Do you seriously think, this person can dare to deliver a shot right from his memory chip ? Same counts for all media.... the wish...or pressure to be always better, better and better created the big question of the "image manipulation". A photographer with a feeling of honor will of course always try to "do it while shoot" it. But there is however no in the print media published digital photo existing that was not at least "postproduced". And this is not something about the age of digital photography....it was done all the time before, even with dia film slides.....oh yes : you can manipulate them as well ! I am not a big friend of digital image manipulation but I do know that a postproduction of e.g. RAW of course has to be. Where the standard postproduction ends and where the "manipulation" starts : well, this is a very thin border. The "Lytra" is in my eyes just another toy. It would not even exist without the demand of so many "gadget addicted" photographers. However...in my opinium it is like this : It does not help the world of photography at all if the photographer sbelieve "it all can be done with technology". It simply can't. Still the photographe ris doing the shots...and still the camera is just a tool. And in digital photography, editing software are tools as well - they do not make "super shots" with just a few mouse clicks. The underwater world was for a long time something very exotic and therefore lots of "mistakes" were forgiven in uw photos. These times are over now. Now ( thanks god ! ) the uw photographers need to face what all "other" photographers already knew for a long time : it needs much more than just a camera to make a good photo. Time is passing quickly and so does technology. It is up to us to use what's on the table....and not to look what's under the table. As long as the media world demands "perfect shots" ( whatever this means ) we will deliver them. And as long as a incredible small group of purists requests the "real made shots" we will do it as well. Only the amateur who makes his living with a "serious" job has enough time to discuss these matters. The PROs will always deliver what's demanded......this is the world we created by ourselves...too late to complain now ;-)
  2. My personal favourite photo from this year 2012 ( and I am happy to see that National Geographic shares my point of view ) is my shot named "Lightning Squids" . I could write books about this one...but know what ? "Let the photo talk for itself !!" And who really need to read words, please read this from Tony Wu :-) Write up/review by Tony Wu : "Hi everyone, I'd like to highlight this image, contributed by Rico Besserdich: I'm a huge fan of unique perspectives on familiar subjects and scenes. I'm sure many of the people in this group have dived under a jetty at night. When I do so, it's usually with a macro lens in hand, looking down for interesting subjects. It's rare that I look up, and even more rare that I do so while carrying a lens with a wide perspective. This image comes across to me as a clever play off the standard "shoot up with sun in background" type of shot, with the reflected strobe light in this instance creating the illusion of a source of light above the jetty. The situation, perspective and lighting make for an interesting set-up, and then the person standing on the jetty makes the shot. Without the person, the squid would sort of be floating in space. The person provides a visual anchor, making it easy to understand the situation at a glance. I've had the honour of being a judge for three photo contests this year. While looking at thousands of great pictures, I kept finding myself thinking: "I wish there were more original images". Not necessarily photos of rare subjects or big animals, but photos with a unique take on familiar subjects, like this one. " 1st December 2011 Tony Wu A pleasant & happy new year to all of you !!! Happy Bubbles, Rico http://www.maviphoto.com
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