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  1. Thank you for responding. I've decided the time is too short for the expense I will incur and will not be bringing along my gear. By the way, for anyone going to dive in Bonito, Brazil the operation I originally listed is no longer in business. I was told the new operation is http://www.ygarape.com.br/. This could just be the recommendation of local agencies trying to make money but I can say that with all my phone calls and emails going to www.divebonito.com.br I received no response. Sam
  2. Hello, I have travel plans to Sao Paulo, Brazil towards the mid-to-end of July on business. I would like to bring my UWP gear and spend 3-4 days diving as that is the only time I have. My initial preference is Bonito in the state of Mato Grosso to dive the rivers or grottos and hopefully image unique wildlife of the area (anacondas, caymans, river fish, etc...). Having researched the dive opportunities I have only come across a group by the name of www.divebonito.com.br . The diving looks fun and I recognize July is the coldest month of the year in that area but the dive plan seems fitting for a very touristy "in and out" session for inexperienced divers. The expense appears to be great and it seems everyone wants you to book through a travel agent thereby increasing the expense. Does anyone have any recommendations or experience in UWP dive planning in this area? Any advice given this time of year to perhaps other locations and dive operators/guides to consider? I assume Recife and Fernando de Noronha are great places but are they typical reef dives as what one might find in the Caribbean or is there a special photo attraction one can share? I'd really like to make this a UWP trip but would greatly regret the expense, effort, and headaches of trekking all my gear down if perhaps there arent' many great options this time of year, or if perhaps I have to take more time and expense to really hunt down custom guides deeper in less touristy areas. My appreciation in advance for any advice or experiences one can share. Sam
  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am definitely taking a trip out to Niihau. I will check out Koloa Landing also, as I plan on taking advantage of the shore diving. Several recommendations have been given to me to check out Tunnels and to go with a guide who can optimize my experience in finding the best the site has to offer. Thanks again, Sam
  4. Good thing it wasn't on the camera! :-) Thank you, yes, I am booked for that trip for certain! I've since learned you really dive the island reefs once and the other two dives are to Lehua rock normally. Not that I'm complaining and nor do I know the geography of the reef system with respect to the distance Lehua rock is to Niihau but I can imagine a rarely explored reef system like that would be a gem of a place to photograph. Sam
  5. Hello: Heading to Kauai in a couple of weeks. I've read some wetpixel recommendations from previous years but not much in terms of detailed advice on locations to dive and dive operators that offer the best experience for a UW photographer. Which dive operator(s) do you recommend? Specifically no cattle boat operators, wanting to maximize bottom time without depending on lesser skilled divers, and very knowledgeable crew that can point out unique photo opportunities? I plan on diving Niihau for a 3-tank dive. Anyone with reviews on dive operators and favorite experiences to share on this dive adventure? Any other site recommendations for great wide-angle shooting (I don't plan on doing much macro for this trip)? I'm looking for the main posers the island has to offer - sharks, turtles, monk seals, and other unique local sea creatures. Thanks in advance for your feedback, Sam
  6. Looking to buy a used Nauticam Macro Port 41 for a 60mm Canon macro lens. Please reply or PM me with your price and details if anyone is interested in selling theirs. Thanks, Sam
  7. These items still available. All reasonable offers considered. Sea&Sea RDX 550 Housing - SS-06153 Grip Stay L Tray for RDX Housings - SS-22108 Zoom gear for Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX 10-17mm - SS-31114 RDX Port Base L NX Port (Domes) - SS-30109 Sam
  8. All I have left are the following from the original list: Sea&Sea RDX 550 Housing - SS-06153 Grip Stay L Tray for RDX Housings - SS-22108 Zoom gear for Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX 10-17mm - SS-31114 RDX Port Base L NX Port (Domes) - SS-30109 For payment through Paypal I'll consider shipping to France. I might also consider selling my Nauticam 8.5" dome port (for wide-angle use) with the Sea&Sea fitting I used for this housing if you are interested as well. I'll send you a private PM to review the details. Sam
  9. SOLD!!! Items are Sold. Thank you for your interest.
  10. Everything a Canon EOS Rebel XSi, T1i, T2i, or T3i owner needs to shoot underwater macro photography with their existing Sea&Sea housing and macro lens. Why pay $445+tax to purchase new when you can have the same setup like new, no scratches, no blemishes, and in complete working order with brand new o-rings for $330+S/H. Save well over $100 now for the gear below. Photo also attached. RDX Port Base S CX Macro Port - SS-30108 - ($140 - cost new) Compact Macro Port 52 - SS-56241 - ($260 - cost new) CX/Macro Front Port Cover S - SS-51220 - ($23 - cost new) CX/Macro Rear Port Cover S - SS-51250 - ($22 - cost new) Sam
  11. Updated with a price point at $2350 for the lot. Also adding a photo of everything listed.
  12. Hello, I'm selling my secondary housing for a Canon T2i/550 camera. Housing and components are in excellent condition, maintained and serviced regularly, and just pressure tested this past week by Reef Photo. Too expensive to travel with two rigs and I'm keeping my Canon 7D/Nauticam setup. Details and pricing as follows: Sea&Sea RDX 550 Housing - SS-06153 Grip Stay L Tray for RDX Housings - SS-22108 RDX Standard Port - SS-30107 RDX Standard Port Cover - SS-46101 RDX Port Base S CX Macro Port - SS-30108 RDX Port Base L NX Port (Domes) - SS-30109 Compact Macro Port 52 - SS-56241 CX/Macro Front Port Cover S - SS-51220 CX/Macro Rear Port Cover S - SS-51250 Zoom gear for Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX 10-17mm - SS-31114 Zoom gear for Canon EF-S 18-55mm Kit Lens - SS-31119 I am located in South Florida. Paid over $3450 for all items in brand new condition. Price is $2550 or best offer for the lot. I'll pay S/H and Insurance if sold in US/Canada when purchased at asking price. I prefer to sell everything whole but may consider breaking up the set. Thanks for reviewing, Sam
  13. Please confirm what are the full contents associated with the computer? (i.e., transmitter, USB cable, etc...) Thanks
  14. Can you update me with what items have yet to sell on eBay? In particular if the YS-250's are still available?
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