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  1. SOLD! Sounds good to me John! I'll buy Do you want to send a paypal invoice to to me? Or any other method of payment? You can contact me by email: heather@nicelyframed.co.uk thanks Heather (PS it's night time over here so I'll check my mail again in the morning)
  2. Anyone got one or maybe 2 Ev manual controllers they'd like to sell at a nice price? Preferably 2nd hand unless it's an amazing price new! Bare in mind I'm in the UK when looking at postage & import tax! Thanks Heather
  3. Hi all, I know this is 5 years later, however I'm curious to know if you found a solution? I've just bought secondhand 2 x DS125 strobes - one of which has exactly the same symptoms! BTW - I knew one DS125 was poorly when I bought - mostly I was after the spare chargers & battery heads; the plan is to see what lighting I get with the working DS125 (with my existing 2 x DS160's for portraits) and then maybe upgrade it to a DS160 when I can afford to splash out again! Appreciate if you or anyone knows the answer to to this non-flashing strobe; whether it is a bulb or other. Thanks Heather
  4. Hi, I was trying to work out how to support a 2nd strobe without too much expense & came across this link; I got my old tripod out & have now attached an Ikelite DS160 head with velcro in a figure of 8 under the tripod plate & over the head. With a weight on the tripod hook it worked great in the pool and I can tilt and move the angle of light, as well as adjust the tripod height! Not sure it's so great for diving, but velcro is my tip! (ok it was my brothers smart idea! So pleased to have a 2nd strobe it's on this facebook picture link! Heather
  5. No worries! If you don't sell as a complete package & change your mind I'd be interested in the Ikelite to Ikelite dual sync lead too (therefore if someone wanted your package with just one strobe they'd need a single cord anyway.) Good luck selling as a complete package & let me know if you change your mind. Thanks, Heather
  6. Would you be willing to sell just one of DS160 Substobe? ... if so how much? I'm looking for a second strobe as I'm a mature student at Uni going into my final year after the summer - hence I'm looking for a good price too To be honest not sure if I can afford another DS160 and may have to settle for a DS51 for my portraits (just in case anyone else looking has a great offer! you can message me!) Thanks Heather PS I'm in the UK for any postage details
  7. I've also spoken to Steve at Ocean Optics and he was very helpful! He told me about quite a few lighting set-ups and techniques, as well as gave me some useful people to contact in my area. Like I said above I think I'll be selling my Bowens kit to buy a second UW strobe, meanwhile I'll see what I can get out of one light in the indoor pools. Heather
  8. Ladybird thank you for the info and great shot! I'm quite jealous of the fact you can fire your SB800's from your camera & DS125: I have a canon 580exII speedlite, but it won't fire from my underwater gear with my 5d II (or I don't think it will from what I've read.) I also have Bowens Gemini Kit but don't want to electrocute anyone (or myself!) I came across the blog you mention; it's good to know that an extra long cable can be used and I like the idea of using the gorillapod! Buying a 2nd underwater strobe is the way forward by the looks of things (and selling my Bowens kit to pay for it!) Thanks again, Heather
  9. Hi Graggs, Thanks for the info, I'll call Steve for a chat tomorrow and I'll stop looking at LED torches! I think I need to save for another strobe if I'm to take this seriously! No I'm not local to Basildon - I'm near Manchester; shame as the pool with artificial sunlight sounds great! Thanks again, Heather
  10. Hi, I'm looking to find a solution for getting better images in indoor pools. Previously I've done some portraits in outdoor pools with 5d & 17-40mm lens in an Ikelite housing and DS160 substrobe - best results backlit or side lit by the sun and my DS160 fill in flash. That was outdoors in Turkey, but now I'm indoors in the UK (not quite the same lighting!!) Since I have a lot of gear at the moment I can't afford another DS160 and looking at my options. I've thought about buying a wide angle dive torch (the LED C4) and placing out of the pool to replicate the sun; shinning towards my subject in the pool (?) I've thought about buying a 2nd hand strobe to do similar, but may only be able to afford the DS51 - would it be strong enough? and can I sync it? Indoors I get better results when close too (obviously) and with the substrobe not quite direct, but most are too dark. I've yet to test again & I'm going to try a white sheet backdrop (best I can use to get a plan background that may brighten and show no grubby tiles!) and see if I can get someone to hold the strobe further away and up from the camera. I'd like to use a pool with more natural light coming though a window; firstly it's finding one available to rent and secondly it's not so bright light at this time of year! I know I really need another DS160 but can anyone advise something for me to try, buy or use that's not too expensive? Any advice appreciated; thanks, Heather
  11. Have you sold this? If not would you ship to UK? ... and at what cost?
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