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  1. Wow beautiful outputs...I have Panasonic fish eye and works perfectly, If you want to change yours samyang, let me know....
  2. I was not thinking about vacuum since still want to do some minor surface tuning (btw Iam using epoxy for aviatory - density very low, almost zero bubbles..) . From strength perspective - housing itself will be oversized (cca 1cm thick and epoxy composite has +/- 25% higher strength ) therefore I think no problem.... What I fight with is the groove. I calculate almost the same oring and groove so hope that will also fit perfectly like in your case. What about dome port? I am looking forward to see some to check the aberration and distorsion, if even any
  3. Hi, I am doing negative mould. So first model from polystyrene (finally done, which was, I guess the worst part, especially from surface smoothness perspective). Next step will be the mould itself and the housing. I will definitely post whole process here incl. pictures. Regarding the groove: I meant opened housing....If the o ring stay in groove or comes out with opening a than has to be adjust again.
  4. GREAT JOB...I am just in the beginning of similar project (not so sophisticated of course - like FEM etc:)), but different material (epoxy resin) - for GH3 and G6. The issue I am facing now is the groove for o-ring (connection between front and rear part). What profile did you use? Is it perpendicular to case body axis or slanting (to stabilize the ring at position). I have a concern the ring will get off if the groove will be without "inclination" Looking forward to outcomes of your pics....
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