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  1. I would be interested. Do I NEED it? No....would I buy it? Most definitely. Once I had the $$$, of course
  2. I forgot you had the same issue I have/had with YS-D1 on the ike housing...what i noticed on my recent night dive is that it didn't happen nearly as often as my day dives. maybe 2 times the entire dive.
  3. after debating about the cost of ike strobes (i.e. the 160/161), i went with the YS-D1 and use the ikelite S&S/Inon cable...although, it doesn't allow TTL, at least I can still use the D1 and will run a second D1 via FO slave.
  4. I do like the SL1 a lot... Great little camera that takes great action or still shots. I've taken some fairly good shots of local surfing in addition to the landscape, flora shots and have not been disappointed. And so far, I like it underwater as well...Now, I just need a dive where I have more time than I've had on these test dives so I am not just snapping away randomly...
  5. okay...here we go (unfortunately all terrible shots): the lionfish is at 10mm the gorgonian is at 12mm
  6. there is serious vignetting with the tokina 10-17 @ 10mm...minor vignetting @ 12mm. I am a bit disappointed with the 10mm vignetting.
  7. here's a question...will the 60mm macro fit behind the 18-55/10-17 dome? I haven't ordered the 60mm port yet but would like to use the 60...
  8. got mine in the water earlier for a quick dive...was just using my kit lens and a single D1. trying to figure how to post pics -__-
  9. just picked up the ike housing for the SL1/100D...gonna try out my tokina 10-17 with the dome here in the next few days. ike says there is some vignetting from 10-12mm (if I recall correctly) so we'll see.
  10. during day dives, fussing about with a 67mm lens isn't too bad...at night, on a wreck at 130ft, not really all that fun.
  11. I know I can't expect much but any tips/examples of night wreck shots on here using only 2 strobes? Thanks in advance.
  12. I have seen some nice photos with the G1X as well...if I can find one for a nice price, I intend to pick it up.
  13. i have used both and do not miss the RX100...yes, IQ and FOV is better with the RX100 but the G15 still performs very well. G15 w/DC48 housing (no wet lens) RX100 w/ikelite housing (no wet lens and small crop) RX100 w/out crop (but a little further away)
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