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  1. Thanks Espen, It actually still is an option. I needed the AF100 for terrestrial shooting, but I'm seeing that the GH2 is a great option for the underwater work. I watched the youtube video you sent and it looks great. I do have 2 questions for you: 1. Would the shot be less shaky with a larger housing? (Specifically one made for an AF100) 2. Were you using a Lumix 7-14? If not, what lens and how do you run with full mechanical controls? All the Best, Kris
  2. Hello All, I am using an AG-AF100 and new to underwater video. Given the fact that I have to use Lumix lenses to take advantage of the automatic focus, zoom and iris, I am thinking about the Panasonic Lumix 7-14 lens. In going over other posts, it seems that a 7-14 is the most recommended for underwater shooting. Any thoughts on this subject and/or stories from Lumix 7-14 users? Thank you, Kris
  3. Does anyone have a recommendation for a housing manufacturer for the Panasonic AG AF100, with electronic controls? The only one I can find is the Equinox HD10, which has fully manual controls. Thank you, Kris
  4. Thank you Drew. I ended up going with the AF100. After researching more on the cameras options and functionality, it became the better choice. Now the search goes on for finding a manufacturer that will house it with electronic controls. All the Best, Kris
  5. Hello All, I presently own a HVX-200 and wanted to advance my underwater shot quality with either a Sony NEX-FS100 or a Panasonic AG-AF100. An available housing is not really an issue as I'm going to have it custom built for whichever my choice is. I am mainly hoping that some users out there have used both cameras and can comment on their usability for underwater shooting. Specifically I'm wondering about: 1. Accessibility and adaptability of the remote functions for camera operations. (For example, the AG-AF100 is restricted to Panasonic lenses for the remote zoom and focus to be used) 2. Battery life. I know Sony is better, but I would like to hear cases for both.. 3. Whether or not these are even good camera choices given the limitations (although beautiful results) presented by prime lenses 4. Over-all ease of use given that they're going to be packed away in a housing. Thank you to everyone in advance.
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