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  1. 2 Lowepro backpacks for sale on ebay. Seller ID gillw407
  2. I went on a day workshop with Maria Munn. We spent the morning playing with the camera on land; learning how to use the various setting, learning how to assemble the underwater housing, taking piccies of toys etc. The afternoon was spent in a pool taking shots of a variety of underwater themed toys. She has written a short book available in e book and hard copy - "Underwater Photography for Compact Camera Users" - much of the day was based on the principles in it. Perhaps you could do chapter for each session? I do agree though that diving skills need to come first as good buoyancy is a key requirement for photography.... Have fun
  3. 3PW


    Floods are generally due to lack of care and mistakes when assembling kit... Just one hair caught in an o ring can causes probs. I always dunk in a fresh water tank before taking in the sea. Lots of advice on the net.
  4. Olympus EPL3 for me. I use additional wet lenses and my hubby has the Zen port and Panasonic 8mm fisheye. Great kit and not too bulky or expensive. Contact a good underwater camera shop for advice. A number on the internet. Definitely go on a day workshop or photo holiday if you can. Lots of people spend a fortune on kit and never learn how to use it so are disappointed with results...
  5. Depends on what lighting effect you want. One strobe can gives some dramatic shots
  6. Still selling the wide angle and 1 close up lens ( the other close lens and step up ring are now sold )
  7. Back to original thread. Get some diving under your belt first. Do a buoyancy course. If you buy a camera, micro 4/3rds are a better investment than a compact in my view (I have Olympus EPL3). Definitely go on an underwater photography course or even better, a guided photography trip: lots of folk spend a fortune on kit but never learn how to use it and so are disappointed with their efforts. Lastly practice lots: been taking photos for 15 years; occasionally I take some good ones
  8. Having had a number of compacts, my husband and I both upgraded to Olympus EPL3 4/3rds. Would definitely recommend. A good compromise, not too pricey and more versatile. I note there are a couple of rigs being sold in the classifieds...
  9. Selling 2 x Sea & Sea close up lenses 52119. A wide angle 52117 piccie attached and a 62mm to 67mm step up ring so the close up lenses can be used with 67 mm screw setting. On e bay seller gillw407
  10. Fish eye sold but the 2 INON macro lenses and mountbase are relisted: £54.99 each for lenses and £9.99 for mount base. Will negotiate on postage if multiple items bought. Bargain E bay seller gillw407...
  11. Do you still have it for sale? How much? Can you ship to UK?
  12. My husband and I both have EPL3s. I opted for a wide angle Inon wet lens and dome port. Nice but bulky and adds weight. My husband opted for 8 mm panasonic and the dry Zen port which is small and neat ; thought the port would need modification for use with EPL3 but it didn't. i have to admit I am a tad jealous...
  13. iPad notes are really good for creating lots of lists of stuff which you can amend as you go and create new ones as you need. I have lists for everything and rarely miss an essential.
  14. The fish eye is sold but I have re-listed the 2 close up macro lenses and the AD Inon mount base 19/27 on e bay seller gillw407...
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