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  1. Hi, I've started taking pictures UW a few years ago using a compact canon S80, and later with a Fantsea Nano kit. Recently, Neptun has decided is was time for my preciuose to go to camera heaven... I saw this as a sign from the gods, I must upgrade ) So the obviouse direction is to go DSLR, I don't want to buy something too expensive, cause a. I can't afford to and b. I probably won't know how to max its capabilities. So I thought of spending about 2500-3000 US$, and on intuition I kinda feel towards a D5100 or D3100. What are the Key features I am looking for in a DSLR camera for UW (So far I figured a big a sensor as I can afford, what else?) Can anyone recomend on a decent set for a begginer, whithin my budget. Hope I am not asking too much on my first post here Thanks, Lior
  2. Hi, Just a newcomer posting a reply to get started. seems like a really great forum you have here, learned quite a bit already. Cheers, Lior
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