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  1. Yes! This is what I'm looking for. Can you show me how to modify and exactly what you use? This would be perfect. My strobes have an optical eye and a 1/8 mini-jack to connect. How do you connect the TOSLINK to the camera and the strobes on the other end? I'm assuming you have the on camera flash firing underwater to then transmit to the strobes on land? Thanks for the tips!!
  2. Thanks for the tips. I am thinking about using an optical slave wrapped in clear plastic to fire the lights on the surface. The 110 alpha could point toward the slave that is plugged into my head above water. That would fire all the additional lights as well. I'll probably drop the scuba idea. It may be too much.
  3. I have a high school senior client that is a competitive swimmer and model. For part of her senior photo session, she wants an underwater fashion shot. Always up for a challenge, I agreed! I am a certified diver, love the water and have a pool at my home. The plan is to cover the deep end wall with black cloth secured to the bottom with weights. I'll have on scuba gear, and assistants on either side if I need them. The model will dive down and I'll shoot. My local rental house has a Sea & Sea DX2G to rent. I have questions: 1) Is this a good choice of cameras? I need fast shutter response and the ability to shoot wide angle to close quickly. If it's not good, let me know some alternates. 2) How to sync the camera (any camera) to studio lights around the edge of the pool, out of the water? This is a big question! I want to light the images as a fashion portrait and not just from on camera strobe or sunlight. If I'm missing something obvious, let me know. This should be a fun summer project!! Steve http://www.circler-studios.com
  4. If you've already converted to jpg, use "Curves" to bring it back. Looks good when fixed!
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