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  1. I've been using an oly c5050 for a few years and just moved up to a dslr setup. oly e620 & ufl-2 strobe, with f/o cable. I'm experiencing problems which may possibly be due to a lack of experience with the model types, and hope that someone can help. My images taken in TTL mode are dramatically underexposed and I can't work out why. The strobe is set to 'rc mode' - the camera is set to 'rc mode' both on channel 1 group A. The shutter speed does not exceed 1/180th which is the max sync speed. The rc menu on the camera is set to TTL , +/-0, and the ultra-fast shutter sync option is not activated. All images at any f/stop are underexposed. When chosing the TTL option on the 'rc menu' at camera back. The options are 'TTL', Auto' and, I think, 'manual' or maybe 'off'. Anyway, I chose TTL and after the exposure the menu reverts to 'auto' - I can't seem to make it stay in TTL mode. If anyone has any experience with this setup I would be grateful for some help. Thanks.
  2. Hi chaps, just moved up from oly c5050 to e-620 with ufl strobe. Would be delighted to hear from anyone with advice on this setup.
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