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  1. I would love to own your lights but cannot come as close to your price as you most likely need. If you can part with the two for $750 please let me know. I have an amazing Greeforce HID Squid 250 now, but the 110 degree beam is too wide. I was told that the 60 degree beam of the sola 1200 will travel further through the water. I also want smaller lighter weight lights. Thanks, Richard
  2. If lots of megapixels are what you want the system i have for sale may not be for you. If a point and shoot with excellent low light performance which gets clean low noise results at iso 400 is good for you, the Fuji f30 package I have might be just right. I have the housing, camera and INON ul 105 ad wide-angle conversion lens with the wet mount bayonet-style bracket. Everything is in excellent condition. however, I will be sending the camera in to have it cleaned before selling. i was told there is dust on the sensor. The Fuji F30 is truly a classic point and shoot which left every other company trying for years to match its low light quality. I have shot at iso 400 and blown images up to 40"x60". The results were better than I got from taking perfect slides, having them professionally drum scanned into huge files and then printing. I am not sure how the newest cameras compare. My guess is that the right buyer for this system is someone who wants to use the camera and housing as a backup and use the INON on their primary rig. The INON is the most valuable part because it works with many rigs. There is also a dome add-on availble which expands the angle of view for shooting ship wrecks etc. I do not have this. The system I have shoots very wide shots with great depth of field. The price will be determined after I do some research and find out how many people want it. Call Richard 310 314 2216 or email rbilow2@aol.com
  3. I custom built an underwater housing for a sony HC1 HDV camcorder for one simple reason. Nothing was available that would allow me to shoot with a .3x Century optics wide-angle conversion lens. It turned out that Century later sold a .5x (maybe .55x) conversion lens that is almost identical to the .3 in size. As a result either lens can be used in this housing. The housing has an ikelite dome port. If you have an HC1 camcorder the housing comes with two mounting trays. one to match the .3x and one to match the .5x. I am selling the housing with both conversion lenses but not the camcorder. These conversion lenses have 37mm threads. The housing is super heavy duty made of 3/4" and 1" acrylic. I will test it to 180 feet before selling but believe it can go much deeper. Controls allow shifting from auto to manual focus but not manual control. With wide angle you can auto focus then lock into manual to avoid losing focus when lighting changes etc. Other controls are on/off and record/standby. With enough lightthe .3x will capture a rectalinear image (not fisheye) with very little softness around the edges. A great white near the surface on a sunny day for example or mantas or dolphin will look great. Coral reefs in shallow water look great. Images with bright lights look great. Low light with the .3 is not good. for this use the .5x. So, if you have the Sony HC1 or A1U this housing offers a great wide angle budget solution for you. You get the housing, the .3x century optics and the .5x cemtury optics for $850. The optics are perfect condition. I think the current prices are $375 for the .3 and $295 for the .5. so, the housing is crazy cheap (but not sold alone unless a decent offer is made). If you have a different camcorder with 37 mm filter threads AND you are a handy dandy kind of person, you most likely can modify the controls and make this work for you. Cheers, Richard 310 314 2216 rbilow2@aol.com
  4. Yes, I know, everyone is going LED. The catch is $s. Try to match this Greenforce Squid 250 with international charger and Flexi II battery with a comparable LED and you will throw down serious $s. The beam is 110 degrees. The output is 2000 lumens (I believe, but you should verify). The light color is essentially white. The burn time is 40 minutes plus. If you are interested in this light, let's talk. The price is not set yet because I want to see what kind of interest there is out there. The cost was $1,700. I also have a 100 watt halogen light with international charger and extra large battery. This light burns for 50 minutes and has a crazy 170 degree beam angle. It is a warmer color, not sure the rating. The bulb can be changed to a 50 watt if you want longer burn time. I have 2 batteries. but one is smaller and not a good match if you are using the 100 watt bulb. If you want a 50 watt light with 170 degree beam the 2 battery solution is solid. if you want the 100watt option consider the extra battery relatively worthless with only 20 minutes burn time. The light, canister, charger and 2 batteries is $350. You choose the bulb (50 or 100). I will put a new one in, pressure test and then sell you the light. The price is low because the system is halogen not HID or LED. You cannot even match this beam angle with any other light I am aware of at any price. You will need two lights. Cheers, Richard 310 314 2216 rbilow2@aol.com
  5. This rig is ideal for someone who wants to shoot high-quality HD underwater video without making a big investment. It is also great for someone with a decent computer who does not want to invest in a more powerful computer required to edit AVCHD files from newer camcorders. I use Sony Vegas to edit and the workflow is smooth and easy using an old single-core pentium processor with 2 gigs of ram and an IEEE firewire port. The whole rig fits easily into a carry-on for travel. The camcorder is tiny and super fun on land. You can control virtually every camera function with it inside the housing. The monitor is open inside the housing, shaded and easy to see. Everything is super clean and was rarely used because it was a backup for me. I still use my Sony HC1 HDV primary rig because all my stuff works perfectly together, and because matching this quality by buying all new gear will cost serious money. The camcorder and housing are $475 together. The housing alone is $325 (in case you have an HV10 canon). The combo cost $1,900 but what does that really mean. All I can say is that the quality is much better than the cheap AVCHD camcorders and not as good as the higher quality new ones. Cheers, Richard 310 314 2216 rbilow2@aol.com
  6. fijifish


    I have an ikelite w-20 wide-angle wet-mount conversion lens with 67mm threads, model 6420, for sale. This lens is in mint condition, only used on two dives. Retail at B and H is $349 I believe. If this lens is known to be a good match for your existing camera and housing it will be a great accessory. This is something you can easily research. I recommend against buying it if you are unable to find others who say it is a good match. My price is firm at $250, saving you over $100. If you do not agree that it is in near mint condition when you receive it, I will take it back. All you have to do is call me within 2 days of the time your shipment is received. Cheers, Richard 310 314 2216 rbilow2@aol.com
  7. I am new to wetpixel and have no idea how to post classified ads. This is my first attempt. I have the following goodies available for sale and will accept offers. I am based in Los Angeles and prefer local buyers for logistic reasons: 1. Canon HV10 HDV camcorder with Ikelite housing. Hardly used at all in awesome condition, fits in a carry-on easily. Easy solution for high quality video that can be edited on a basic computer with firewire. No need for quad-core maxed out ram to process avchd. The quality is easily as good if you have enough light. 2. Greenforce Squid 250. used for 10 hours max. international charger. 110 degree beam. super bright. do research for accurate specs as I do not want to give misinformation. Yes, we all want to use the awesome new LED light. However, try to match this 110 degree beam and intensity and you will spend about $1,400. 3. Nikonos 5 with all kinds of stuff, most notably a 12mm sea and sea rectilinear lens that cost $1,700. You can get 2 camera bodies, the 12mm lens, a 35mm lens, macro setup with extensions tubes framers etc., one big strobe, and cables. Obviously noone wants to use film but a digital setup this high quality would cost you many thousands of dollars. Might be nice for a liveaboard as an extra rig for whale sharks, dolphin, mantas, sailfish, great whites or other big boys near the surface using the 12mm and no strobe for a very small solution. That's what I would do if I could afford to chase those animals. 4. w-20 wide-angle wet-mount conversion lens in mint condition. 67mm threads If it matches your rig it's great. If it does not match, not so great. You need to figure this out because I do not know which cameras and housing are the best match. 5. 100 watt halogen light with battery and charger. ridiculously wide beam estimated at 160 degrees. about 50 minutes burn time. i am posting this but will not let it go cheap because I can still use it and would need 3 solas to match the coverage (of course 3 solas would be better in many ways). my number is 310 314 2216 e-mail is: rbilow2@aol.com
  8. My name is Richard. I joined wetpixel in hopes of getting some help shooting 3D underwater. I am a novice and somewhat overwhelmed by all the complexity involved, particularly with the 2 camcorder rigs. I just want to have fun with 3D and plan to make my own housing for the new TD10. I want to shoot in auto mode but I am concerned the auto convergence will not work because of the light refraction issues related to shooting through a flat port. My first question is: If I place the camcorder in a waterproof box with a 1/4" thick flat "port" (placing the front of the TD10 against the port, resulting in the 2 lenses being about 3/4" from the port) will the auto convergence work? My second ? is: Can I use a dome port instead to preserve the 34.5mm angle of view, or will the dome mess things up?
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