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  1. UPDATED POST---Only selling one body and lowered housing price to $1750
  2. Just upgraded to a new system so I'm selling two Canon-7D camera bodies and a Nauticam 7-D housing. All are in excellent condition, camera bodies are 9/10 and housing is 8.5/10 (very minor scratches from getting on/off the boat). Bodies: $750.00 each Housing: $2600.00 Please contact me with any questions. Thanks!
  3. Hi I have a Nauticam Housing for the 7D for sale. In great shape for $2400 Thanks, Craig Dietrich www.dietrichunderwater.com
  4. Guys why did you not call me??? Is there anything left??? Craig 954-999-7483
  5. I am interested in everything!!! Please let me know if it is all still available?? Thanks You can call me also 954-999-7483
  6. Great deal on a Nauticam housing for Canon 7D. In excellent condition--only used on three trips. Includes 8 1/2" Nauticam dome, Tokina 10-17 zoom gear, 100mm port Hard wire ready (not included). $3,200--PayPal accepted (buyer pays shipping).
  7. $20 for the base. Didn't get the PM. Email me at julieabedell@gmail.com insteading of PMing me here.
  8. Here you go--I also have a short video, but the website wouldn't let me upload it. If you want that, send me your email address. The only thing I'd need to know is if you would also need the Ultralight strobe adapter. Thanks! Julieann
  9. For Sale: Inon Z-240 strobe--only used on two trips, in excellent condition! Extra o-ring kit included. Will sacrifice at $650.00 Also, two Nauticam to Inon Z-240 fiber optic cables, $80.00 each. PayPal Accepted--buyer pays for shipping.
  10. Port for Canon 100mm IS USM for sale. Great condition---only $200 (shipping additional). PayPal accepted. (Note: Photo shows port on system, only selling port).
  11. For Sale: Two Sea and Sea YS-110a strobes. Good condition. Asking $300 each or $575 for pair. PayPal accepted. Please message me with any questions--thank you!
  12. For Sale: rEvo III Mini Rebreather Very good condition, used less than 50 hours. 22.8" High, 15" Wide, 8.8" Thick. Dimensions with handle and wing/harness. Stainless case is 39 lbs without tanks or absorbent 6.5 Liter counterlung volume. Dual 3 lb scrubber cassettes for a total of 6 lbs. Manual gas addition is done by case valves Selling for $6,500--PayPal accepted!
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