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  1. Hi Doc, I actually started with digital both on land and UW. Then about 10 years ago I bought a Rolleiflex 2.8F. At some stage I was using both my D800 and my Rollei but everytime I had to pick pictures from a trip or a walk it was always the Rolleiflex photos that stood out. Film I think really taught me how to properly take pictures, furthermore it is always a good exercise to manage 12 shots (or 36 for 35mm film) rather then a potential 300. It is the same UW, appart from the fact that the D800 with 24mm are vignetted and lack sharpness, I personally find that the atmosphere is generally better captured on film. It might have to do with with the flat aspect rendered by the D800 wide dynamic range and the crumbly look of pictures under high ISO (>800) but there is also something more. Here is some of my early UW pictures with D800, they are not my favourite : http://www.barnabey.com/blue-seas/ I have been looking into adapting Nikonos lens (i.e. a proper UW lens) to DSLR and I might come to your conclusion at some stage, in which case I would probably go for the Nikonos 15mm, which I think, from my own experience, is superior to the 13mm from the RS.
  2. Tim, Just to let you know I just got a positive answer from your contact in UK, this is great news! I will keep you posted. Many thanks! Blaise
  3. Thanks Tim, Very kind of you. I had an email exchange with UW Fotoservice, they told me there's a great chance they couldn't do anything about it. Re. digital, I have a D800E with Isotta housing and a 24mm but it is just not good enough IMO. Maybe in the end I will have to look for better digital solution but film... is different and I still think the best of the analog era is better than the current digital standard. For example, my favourite land camera is a Rolleiflex 2.8F although I was pretty far from being born when it was made. As my RS gave up, I will use my recently refurbished rolleimarin for my summer dives, it could be worse ;-).
  4. Hi Tim, Many thanks, e-mail sent. But I have to say I am grasping at straws here. Nobody wants to repair a Nikonos RS anymore, especially Nikon centers, I am told it is not in their databases anymore, so they won't even have a look at it. It is a pity as it is a beautiful piece of equipment, maybe the best UW camera ever. The worst is that you can't even take the risk to buy a replacement as it might encounter the same problem. As you can see here, I am nowhere near shifting to digital : https://www.instagram.com/barnabeyuwphotography/
  5. I bought a RS last year, it was dream and I was well rewarded for a year. Everything was well until... I have just dived a couple of times this week-end with my Nikonos RS. Yesterday I developed my two rolls of 400TMAX but the majority of frames on both were not exposed. I have 20 valid pictures out of 72 and although they are often concentrated some are in the middle of a blank portion. As I doubt this will fix itself I am looking for someone (if possible in europe) who could service a Nikonos RS. Many thanks
  6. Thanks! I did not think about that. Only issue is, I have never used flash and it is going to be a challenge taking the screw cap off, seems to be completely stuck.
  7. Hi all, Bad surprise after a season off diving, impossible to pull and twist my 15mm lens off my nikonos III as usual. No matter how hard I pull ... I tried to let a few weeks go as I thought it might be a vacuum effect created from temperature variation, I even tried to leave it in lukewarm water with no result. Any piece of advice? Many thanks
  8. Thank you I will do that today, would have sooner but your post was momentary lost during the forum attack. Does it mean that I should not be alarmes and that the slow leaks at 2 meters won't get worse at 30m? If it is the case I'd gladly live with the napkin stuck on the bottom. Thanks for the tip. My real puzzle is that I can't locate any (except the two big rubber ones) and I am wondering if they have been taken out by the previous owner but in this case wouldn't the water be gashing in? Or maybe it is just that they are deep down inside the parts and I haven't gone far enough to find them? Re. The Rolleikin, I think it would be a pity not to use the medium format, I am used to the "only 12" issue, I will pick my shots. I am really looking for that fantastic "à la Ernie Brooks" silver feeling. I'll take my father's Nikonos IVA with me to pack more shots in. BTW is Tmax 3200 a good idea to use in the Nikonos (I'll use Tmax 400 in the Rollei)? I have no strobe and will be shooting with the light that is naturally available. Lot's of questions here, sorry ;-)
  9. I bought a fantastic Rolleimarin last year with the firm intention to use it. I have tried it snorkelling last summer max 2/3m it seemed watertight but left a tiny bit of water in after 15/20mn in the water. It almost could have been mistaken for condensation if not for the salty taste of it. As a consequence I decided not to try it any deeper. I changed the main ruber seal but that did not change anything. I have been told that I should see some “cup seals” inside the housing but can’t find anything of the sort. There is absolutely no information on the net about it. I know it is abit of an “exotic” subject but any help would be great !
  10. I was told that the viewing glass through the prism of the rolleimarin is like being in a cinema. Picture is still inverted but when you are used to that, it is not too much of a problem. I don't think there is any Rolleimarin adaptable for Rolleicord but I can be wrong.
  11. I have recently acquired a Rolleimarin IV + Rolleiflex 3.5F in exceptional condition. I have tested it in a swimming pool at 3m and did not see the hint of a problem. I intend to take it down to approx. 30m for my summer dives and could use a bit of advice. 1. Film, I intend to go for 400 asa films and try a buit of B&W as well as Colour 2. Light meter, there is no light meter on the camera, I have seen a few Sekonic Marine on e-bay, would that be a good choice? 3. Flash, the original flash came with the housing but it looks like a disposable bulb flash. Is there any way to find these anymore? Alternatively, are there any more modern flash that would fit such an ancient housing? Finally, I am amazed that the housing was still perfectly functional and waterproof after so many years (although it looks like it has never been used). What I don't know is if the pressure at 30m will make a difference, I am thinking no but I might be wrong...
  12. Newbie as well, using this thread to get my first post and introduce myself. I have been taking underwater pictures for a while but always with kind of crappy gear. I started with a Sony DSCP-9 and went on with a Sanyo HD2. Once the excitment of bringing something out of the water and sharing my dives with the non diver part of my family and friends, I got quickly frustrated. I own a Rolleiflex 2.8E, a Nikon FA and A Nikon D300s and I have always fantasised about it might be bringing quality camera such as these underwater. I have contemplated buying a D300s housing but they are either very expansive or to crappy to take the risk. Furthemore, the D300s will always be a fantastic camera but I might be interested in seing what Nikon comes up with next, so investing in a pricy housing that can, only be used with one camera quickly became the wrong option. In the end I jumped on a completely different opportunty; I saw a rolleimarin + 3.5F in an exceptional condition and went for it. At least I don't run the risk of this one becoming obsolete! I have started testing it and so far so good. I hope to share some good photos here and I hope I will find an answer to my many questions (what flash? exposure meter? film?, etc.). Cheers
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