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  1. Mostly to do with how the rig stands up on land. If you put the longer arm close to the strobe it will stay put if you put the short one will tilt and fall. So generally is housing short long strobe
  2. Yes that is a good point. I think the polycarbonate entry level is what I was referring to. There are less and less cameras without a port system unlike Canon Powershot and ixus series. I think transition from gopro to still camera is hard if you don't have a compelling proposition
  3. I have heard many complaints of problems with corners edges etc using rectilinear lenses. Mostly those are not real problems but consequence of a lens system and perspective so I thought of doing a little write up https://interceptor121.com/2019/10/13/using-rectilinear-wide-lenses-underwater/ In short if you really want to shoot rectilinear use an 18mm focal length or narrower otherwise the issues in wrecks and close shots are guaranteed, that if they are issues!
  4. Very interesting to see polycarbonate makes 50% of respondent and is something that is almost dead today except Meikon and of course Olympus Surprise with tough cameras low rate and higher go pro
  5. I have made a personalised version of the Nauticam port chart with my choices and why that may be useful to some It is on google drive and can be downloaded from my site here https://interceptor121.com/2019/10/12/interceptor121s-cut-nauticam-n85-panasonic-olympus-and-bmpcc-port-chart/ Word of cautions while I am 100% confident on Panasonic body and BMPCC I am aware that Panasonic lenses have worst performance on Olympus bodies so I would check first for any problems
  6. I think Sony looks really blue I would add an URPRO filter they work very well together Regarding white balance it works to 10 meters more or less after the color temperature is too cold and it goes off too so you need a filter really
  7. My comment was not about cropped sensor in general but about DX DSLR cameras. Clearly there is a trend to move to mirrorless however the lenses are not there yet. Today the gap between a cropped sensor APSC DSLR and a 2x crop mirrorless is very small I believe this is going to be the first category to die. If I look at canon who is the market leader in cameras their best seller is the EOS50M a 1.6x crop mirrorless they still sell plenty of mid range DX compacts etc however the whole purpose of a DX was to be a more economic DLSR and with the growth of mirrorless this is going to fade quickly. The other point about FF vs any cropped sensor camera is also that actually there is not a single category where a mirrorless or APSC beats a full frame camera because if you need to have smaller apertures the camera can take it and surely a full frame is better for ambient light. What is clear is that FF is a significant investment in camera equipment and glass together with a larger size port everything gets bigger significantly I have been on similar workshops and it is true that photographer with smaller set ups pulled out at times shots better than bigger rigs but this had to do with the technique not with some inner ability of the camera. Viewing images on a HD screen it is not really the way to judge the quality of an image you need to go 1:1 or have at least a 4K screen. What you noticed on point 3 is the invariance of some of the larger cameras to ISO so if the shot was too dark or too bright a full frame sensor will have more latitude for recovery than smaller ones So I do not think at all cropped sensors are dead but if there is going to be a first victim of the market evolution after small compacts is going to be cropped DSLR simply because they have nothing to offer than a mirrorless can't give especially with the new high resolution EVFs
  8. I tested costco on 16x12 paper prints and the quality vs cost is excellent Having looked at the canvas I will order some soon Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  9. I think the one stop of ISO of full frame is balanced out by the one stop you gain at wide angle to sensor crop so from that point of view I don't think you will be disappointed Having been on various boats with my compact first and micro four thirds after it is very clear that the benefit if full frame is to have richer colours and tones especially when the ISO goes up On my last liveaboard there was a very capable photographer with a D500 and at wide angle his IQ was not discernible from my GH5. However I have seen practically the same shot taken with a D850 and it just looked richer than anything else On a practical note a Dx set up is so much effective with lenses. You can get a tokina fisheye and a sigma 75mm and basically you cover 90% of shots only needing a larger dome for splits I would not bother with the WACP even if it was compatible as it is very very bulky and you would still need a fisheye Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  10. Thank you but shipping from Oz is not practical Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  11. Read the posts on my blog http://interceptor121.com it is explained there. It is currently only possible for strobes with a flat surface Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  12. Strobe usually last longer than your camera so I would recommend you spend the right amount Considering the mirrorless body I would pick up a pair of used Inon Z240 or some Sea YS-01 new or used I have a pair of Sea and Sea YS-D2 and so far they have not failed but I took a risk as their track record is awful so maybe pass on those!
  13. I agree, I use it with the 7 Acrylic dome. Do you have the glass dome with the 55mm adapter and 10mm screw extension?
  14. Lens and gear no longer on sale 7" acrylic dome £385 / €430 tranferwise new cost €569 so 25% off
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