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  1. Yes thats the array I wrote cxb3050 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Actually it looks like a cxb3050 that has a 90 CRI version The beam angle looks ok on the specs not too wide probably around 90-95 degrees in water? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Scott how have you measured the CRI the array does not look a creed high cri one? Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  4. I think you should see the strobe upgrade as a separate step The S2000 are great for macro and very close work but lack power for bigger scenes. I would upgrade the strobes as a priority and leave the 8-18mm aside. It’s an interesting lens but I would prioritise a 14-42mm and WWL-1 with a macro port more flexible option and easier to shoot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I would be interested in your findings as I have not found exactly the same. I actually use magic as wet filter but something else inside camera for stills Send me a PM pls Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. @lion2fish was trying to send a pm from tapatalk but didn’t work Oman is bluegreen towards a lot of green but wouldn’t use a green water filter What filter have you got? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Absolutely nothing the angle changes so in one case am shooting with the light in the other against the light so the image looses contrast the settings are identical. The shots at depth are in auto white balance the shallow one the clips is a cut of the same so the white balance is identical. As I said on the shallow part I should have used the filter that would have helped the hazy bits
  8. Subject to confirmation I have only 3 spaces left before the cut off date so if anyone is interested better hurry up Details are here https://interceptor121.com/2019/07/28/calling-out-to-all-image-makers-1st-interceptor121-liveaboard-red-sea-2020/
  9. That is exactly the point. The 0:38 part is shot without filter (as it was too deep and dark) around 25-30 meters so once you pass the area covered by the light the blue is really deep blue. The section at 2:40 is shot without filter with custom white balance. Here I decided to take the filter off when I was around 8 meters because it was not bright enough and I was shooting seascapes (not close ups) so no lights. I could have put the filter on instead I decided to leave it off and white balance. In hindsight this was a poor decision and I should have used the filter that would have got rid of some of the haze in the blue water cause by the reflection on the sand and would have given me more contrast. This clip I think is the demonstration of the fact that custom white balance on its own is not a good idea. When I try to balance the last part in final cut pro I used a LUT to give more contrast but the color balance was failing creating purple tinge What I should have done was to do the wreck with no filter and lights which I did. The first part of the second dive without filter and filter on the lights, and the last part with the filter. As I jumped in the water with the filter on I realised the scene was just too dark for the filter so all landscape shots were crap and could only save the close ups. Once I took the filter off to avoid ISO 1600 I trusted the camera LCD and it looked fine with custom white balance but it was not fine and the camera white balance on its own gave poor color rendering and still had some hues when hitting the surface. In those conditions the way to go is 1. Deep dive just lights auto white balance 2. Mid 9+ meters no filter as the camera was already hitting ISO 1250 and custom white balance ambient light filters mostly you can save close ups. 3. 0-9 filter as suddenly on the sandy part there was light and this was scattering the blue. As the bottom had fair bit of green etc the water so blue-green so camera white balance working poorly
  10. Erm I think divepro have no idea what they are trying to do definitely their bluewater filter is a waste of time haven’t looked to the others The clip sections are all with different techniques actually tell me which range exactly and will look on my notes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I finally wrote it all down it covers filters white balance etc etc https://interceptor121.com/2019/08/03/getting-the-best-colors-in-your-underwater-video-with-the-panasonic-gh5/
  12. @supawoot.t the -2 filter in fact takes 2 stops and the -4 four stops so that is the expected behaviours All filters take light off so this is not unique to keldan
  13. I only use the -2 the lights with the filters on are only to eliminate shadows so they blend as you noticed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. The YS-D2 let alone reliability issues is an excellent product Whilst I am fearful they will fail the ergonomics of my two YS-D2 is so much better than my Z240 that have many confusing controls Inon had made an effort removing the auto mode but the full power as separate position and the magnet in or out or the operation of the focus light are pure pain
  15. This is a question that comes over and over probably worth writing a sticky There are several dimensions to consider if you want to be precise 1. Light temperature different strobes have generally small differences. Will you notice it? If you are picky yes. 2. Beam angle. It makes it harder to shoot wide angle with different angle of coverage 3. Power you need to adjust a relative difference between the two strobes and the control may not have the scale you need Plus many other details that I won’t bore you with. ask yourself how many serious or professional photographers have you seen with two different strobes?
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