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  1. It is a different level. White balance corrects the overall balance but the hues may still be off A colour checker instead neutralises everything for accuracy Keldan makes a submersible version with a grey card (for exposure) on the other side personally am not obsessed by accurate colours as I change them anyway
  2. You need a flat port with wet lenses far more versatile than a fixed macro prime Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I would also add that for video a zoom lens with wet lenses is always better than a prime where all shots are fixed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Just wanted to make everyone aware that the DMW-FL70 miniflash no longer works with the GH5M2 and therefore you need a trigger I have tried the Nauticam trigger with both my Inon and Sea and Sea and it works fine all the way to 1/400 No idea about TTL triggers etc but I think they will work I have logged the issue with panasonic as I think this is software related but I am not sure I will have any joy
  5. The 45mm supports dual IS in case you had any wish to do macro handheld (not recommended) In terms of differences mostly it is about working distance the 45mm has closer working distance than the 60mm This also means that if you use a CMC type wet lens the 60mm will achieve more magnification but for video that will be very hard anyway
  6. The shorter extension means the field of view of the fisheye is getting reduced and the port will have additional barrel distortion. It would be difficult to notice this as the corners that are already compressed are affected so the only consequence is the loss of FOV. if this was a rectilinear lens the adverse effect would show more. You can test that taking a shot dry in the sink and then keeping the camera exactly in the same point take the shot in water. The field of view will reduce and the lens will not longer have the fisheye diagonal Probably the tokina set up is the most portable compromise considering it takes an acrylic port however I doubt the optical quality can compare with the canon. For sure this set up you have is good for WAM but I do not shoot any of that so for me this was not a deciding factor and as I have a 180mm dome for rectilinear I have given up the idea of just one bag for my equipment long time ago!
  7. The print lab I use requires sRGB or Adobe and do the optimisation themselves to the printer you can switch it off if you prefer I don't have a canon prograf 2000 like they do and neither have the exact drivers but it has been working fine so far
  8. I am aware of ICC profiles however in the case I had problems I was printing on cotton canvas through a lab. I very rarely print on paper as now all club competitions are PDI. I don’t think the el cheapo printer A4 I have at home has ICC profiles available but I can check Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I use soft proofing of sRGB however if you wanted to be really precise you needed to press simulate paper and ink however that option is usually greyed out unless you load printers profiles Soft proofing only shows out or in gamut and out or in display gamut for sRGB displayp3 and adobergb however doesn’t really simulate paper unless you tick the option Consider that the mid point should not really move after proofing but when the paper has less DR than the sRGB space (which mostly it does) it looses on the bright tones. So in effect you should adapt the editing accordingly to consider 6-7 stops. On images with a lot of DR you should try and do some tone mapping to fit it. You can of course try do reduce your display brightness but this is not very effective In the majority of cases I have had no issues in some shots with a lot of DR it struggles a bit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I don’t want to make my monitor look like paper. It is just a matter if understanding how the print will come out Paper has less DR than the screen so it is normal to have some compression. I had only one or two occasions where the iMage came a tad dark but in general is not an issue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. It has to do most likely with the fact that all back and menu are customisable and the shutter isn't so each time you take a custom button is like you are using one function at time and you can't have both at the same time if that makes sense?
  12. I produce sRGB 2048 pixels wide images for facebook and 1080 wide for instagram I also print on sRGB actually and to be frank I never had an issue of loss of quality or color. While in some cases the issue was the brightness when you go and print compared to what you had on the screen As long as you proof your images in sRGB and use decent equipment I do not see major issues for the average home user that occasionally sells a print (I do and nobody complained ever)
  13. No. The lens is very large and needs an extension If I wanted something smaller would go with tokina and speedboster Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Yesterday I did a video call with the lumix experience managed here in UK The camera casing is the same the only difference is that as result of the new software platform based on the S series the button labels in some cases have changed for example f2 is now Q The LCD usable size is smaller but the display has more contrast As result all existing GH5 housings now fit GH5, GH5s and GH5M2 Good news for all housing owners and not so good news I guess for housing manufacturers I am getting my camera end of June and will provide some test data from a UK diving location or my bath tub!
  15. The larger sensors is more forgiving if you get the exposure wrong you can adjust more (latitude) Because your total dr is 2 stops higher you can get the exposure 2 stops wrong However the scene DR was limited to start with So I understand your point Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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