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  1. [emoji58] wonder about Zcam Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I think we need to see some higher bitrate files as those are too compressed Looking at this footage especially the area with the surface in sight this camera is outperformed by my GH5 and not little The image also looks soft I am not sure how well BMPCC handles the MFT protocol for optical correction
  3. The sensor of the S1H outputs 14 bit RAW still images however in video only reads at 14 bits in super35 crop at 30 fps all the rest is 12 bits anyway There are cases where the log processing of the camera achieves better results than ProRes RAW not in terms of colours but sharpness so we need to see a side by side comparison Right now the only camera fully benefiting from RAW is the Zcam E2 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. We don't know how it will look as it has not been released however it is capped at 12 bits
  5. I have it and I would like to sell it. Is immaculate with box. I don't shoot a lot of macro Giant Moray by Interceptor121, on Flickr
  6. Am referring to DCT discrete cosine transform compression which is what is used by BRAW and ProRes. The level of compression is mild so if you compare with H264 intra frame you need around double to achieve the same quality. I shoot 400 mbps AVCI intra and on a bench test they do better than prores 422 HQ at 800 mbps. I have clips deep down unedited and looks substantially better than your examples so I thought it may be the compression killing it. Looking at the BRAW specs I would not go below 5.1
  7. I played the files with BRAW player if you use a VFR mode the camera recorded bit rate still holds. So the files are recorded slow at 25 fps 328 Mbps that is a low value in general. You need to look at 650 mbps or 1.3 Gbps for good quality as the codec uses DCT and is quite basic compression
  8. I checked those files myself and they are a relatively low bitrate around 320 Mb/s. Is there a reason for that?
  9. Excellent and to the point @adamhanlon can't press like but it deserved it
  10. Has anyone entered general photography competitions with underwater images? (I mean not underwater photography competitions just general ones) I am interested in this as generally I prefer to create images that anyone not just divers or uw photographers like
  11. Yes I agree on the principle nothing is a must but most things are helpful Housing ergonomics are essential for example this Zcam set up that shoots RAW requires a monitor I wonder how that works underwater as the rig is taller than is wide? There have been posts here on RAW and how is going to be a game changer so I started looking into it, that does not mean I am fully convinced but certainly will have some benefits. I am also taking pictures so I am well aware of what raw can or not do. The thing that is becoming apparent is that RAW for consumers has limitations (12 bits) that make it more suitable to smaller formats such as MFT than larger that will then crop to 4K or loose the dynamic range they have in the process
  12. Yes there is a definition RAW is unprocessed sensor data at the bit depth of the ADC in the sensor. You then have lossless and lossy RAW. BRAW is none of either is just a video codec with high bitrate andapparently uses the same DCT that prores uses. It may have the headroom but it locks you down to a single product and vendor more than ProRes RAW does. In this respect is the same as proprietary RAW formats like Canon or ARRI but it is not RAW so really I do not see much point in this. I am not sure you can make a call from gopro to BMPCC if you have not used a camera that has it? I have tried all of them and IBIS has his merits together with the ability to make changes however this is not substitute for correct exposure and light All those things help Currently ProRes RAW is the only RAW lossy offering that is available at consumer level and is also very efficient as it compresses sensor data the bitrate are manageable with current equipment. One concerns are royalties only atomos is willing to pay them but their supported camera list grows everyday The only non pro camera right now that can go underwater and records RAW is the Zcam E2 all the others don't have RAW
  13. This post may be of interest. In essence the only thing that is RAW about BRAW is the name. It is just a video codec http://www.bmcuser.com/forum/blackmagic-camera/general-discussion/22868-oops-braw-isnt-raw--its-a-ycbcr-codec
  14. Braw is actually video not raw as it has already gone through demosaic and is only supported by their own program. It is also lossy and I am not sure I can back up most of the claims about the various format and the efficiency as their algorithm is proprietary and not documented so I left it aside. I believe being linked to a single brand and not able to go mainstream is a major limitation. Right now is unclear how much more headroom raw provides compared to a high quality video codec like ProRes 422 HQ and this is possibly camera dependant We need more footage and with cameras like Zcam and Panasonic S1H supporting it we should have a better base It is not possible to draw accurate comparisons with raw images because in camera jpegs are 8 bit and many cameras shoot 10 bit video that can take much more changes in post Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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