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  1. I like smaller housing and ultralight handles compared to Nauticam This is not an option for large rigs but for small ones is much better and the housing is much more compact Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. There are some serious issues with ProRes RAW and the nikon Z series http://blog.falklumo.com/2020/01/the-conundrum-of-nikon-z6-prores-raw.html Right now ProRes RAW is better on MFT other than of course ARRI and RED Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I was quite harsh with the camera and this was due predominantly to an issue of moire Since then Nauticam has not sent me any product for review lol. The housing was really nice but it defeats the purpose of a compact rig. I would recommend you buy the camera first try it and then check out the housing. Most features can be tested on land
  4. I have shot the Sony RX100 and other Lumix compacts since 2012 all the way to 2015 when the concept of port system needed introduction and compact made no longer sense In terms of the requirements you have (white balance, battery life) I would recommend you stick to Panasonic For what concerns autofocus, low light capability there is simply an issue of sensor size and technology So while Panasonic has MFT compacts and Sony has 1" sensor you need to consider that Sony compacts are back illuminated so at the end they are pretty much equal Consider that Sony simply does not white balance underwater and the ergonomics and color accuracy are the worst on the market but on the other hand the sharpness and focus is brilliant I would consider and test the Panasonic LX10 that has a fixed port above all others
  5. I have a mixed approach I use Lightroom 6.14 non subscription (probably will die when I change camera again) together with DxO PhotoLab 3 and a bunch of other programs I bought for land photos. Now that I know better I found that at least for MFT format the RAW engine of Adobe is average and the colour rendition quite average too. So I use lightroom as a catalog and then when there is an image I really like I do the RAW processing in PhotoLab this creates a TIFF that I can further process in Lightroom or other plug-ins. One things that I particularly like of other plug ins is the ability to change the colour rendering of the camera or to overlay an xrite calibrate rendering that eliminates what the manufacturer or adobe think is correct from the mix In terms of catalog management and metadata edit lightroom is unbeatable so it will stay there for sure for a long time
  6. I got hold of ProRes RAW clip from Zcam and checked it against log compression https://interceptor121.com/2020/05/23/do-you-need-raw-video/ Read the whole article. From the limited sample it seems like the case is small for MFT but potentially more interesting for larger sensor
  7. This camera has the same sensor of the Panasonic GH5s and records to SSD ProRes422 HQ. There is an upcoming functionality to record ProRes RAW using a Ninja V (the camera has no LCD so it needs a monitor anyway) Nauticam makes a very cost effective housing (but you need an housing for the monitor anyway) Drawbacks like the BMPCC no IBIS, lack of control, probably no custom white balance, proprietary software to decode their Zraw files (if you don't like ProRes RAW) I would be interested in some real life experience the housing is really compact (as it needs a screen)
  8. Am not saying is not possible am saying it deteriorates quality If you want to deliver 4K use 4K in camera or crop it will have less arti facts So who watches anything in 3:2 aspect ratio? Nobody Who has a 20 megapixel display? Nobody There are already too many pixels display manufactures and Tv are not pushing for more pixels but for HDR This is why super35 sensors are still around as they give excellent quality for 4K without messing around Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. No I did know it this topic came out in a GH5 group and same misconceptions This sensor doesn’t have enough processing nor pixel to do anything so it crops to APSC and so you do from 6K because 6K is 3:2 aspect ratio And you would have to crop and drop pixels too Full sensor is still slow those cameras don’t do more than 30 fps at full rez and have plenty of rolling shutter Really not much point and am done with this discussion Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. We need to make a distinction Pixel binning in camera averages pixels at source before any process takes place this process increases SNR This can also work for static images that are not demosaiced Video however is different (if already demosaiced and all formats are actually at least to an extent demosaiced) The pixels have already gone chroma subsampling so the scaling operation decreases SNR. Lanczos is a good algorithm because it selects the best pixel of a group however that group of pixels is already debayered and sub sampled so the outcome is worse and not compared with averaging pixels at source This misconception is common amongst all people that think shooting at higher resolution and then scaling down improves things, it doesn’t as you also see from the document there are always side effects Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I have written this post it is for my camera but works with any that shoots Log or HLG It does not solve the question of which format to shoot and if HDR is worth at all underwater but hopefully it gives some insights on fit of various formats to HDR Guide to HDR with Panasonic GH5/GH5s/S1 and Final Cut Pro X 10.4.8 https://interceptor121.com/2020/05/17/the-definitive-guide-to-hdr-with-the-panasonic-gh5-s1-in-final-cut-pro-x/
  12. Davide resampling is for upscaling it does nothing to downscaling. The calculations to average pixels are complex and typically take minutes for a single frame. So when you go downwards it just skips
  13. John don’t know how I have to write it This camera has the same sensor of Panasonic S1H/S1 that have ProRes RAW and are mainstream CinemaDNG is an old concept is just that Sigma like Blackmagic don’t have a good DSP so they have to dump everything on disk Ok for the clip but things like stabilisation autofocus and availability of parts are important and this camera housing offers nothing more than what is already out there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Another point rolling shutter on full frame consumer sensor is a real problem that’s why people buy red arri etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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