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  1. It may be a long time until some destinations reopens and some may even be locked down further. I have negotiated some preferential rates with local operators Trip cost is €1,350 plus flights and extras. Full information here https://interceptor121.com/2020/08/09/sorrento-peninsula-2020-underwater-image-makers/
  2. The circuit is resetting either because is loosing power or maybe the front reset button going loose somehow after water impact but that would be true if you jump with the camera not if you enter gently
  3. The 16-50 working distance is far enough that the inon lens should work fine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Number on a RX100 compact I would say is not meaningful for comparison. I have tried the CMC-2 for wetpixel. It makes sense with the 14-42 zoom for video but is useless and actually annoying with the 60mm as you can't step back Panasonic camera have a feature Olympus doesn;t have you can see when you are at minimum distance for Olympus you need to use the Pre-MF function otherwise you don't know where you are and if you need to use the wet lens or not
  5. Nauticam data is correct for the specific lens tested however it cannot be generalized When detailed test data is provided for example CMC-1 is accurate as well But you can’t say a given lens will always have 2x or whatever factor magnification nor guarantee a minimum magnification Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Wolfgang the table remains Incorrect as the CMC-2 achieves nothing with 60mm Not sure about the effect water provides magnification but the lens itself can’t exceed its own magnification regardless because it can no longer focus So in effect you are further away buy get more magnification net effect zero I am neglecting distortion because past 35mm is not an issue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Also water magnifies but this also means your working distance also increases so the net effect is zero you achieve 1:1 being further away but not more Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. No magnification as indicated by nauticam are for a specific lens don’t apply to all lenses equally CMC-2 with olympus 60mm achieves nothing that the lens can’t do on its own. Those close up lenses have a maximum working distance that works with your lens set at infinity and a minimum working distance that works when your lens is set to the closest When the wet lens maximum working distance is further away than your camera lens minimum working distance the benefit drops to few cm useful range and this means the lens is not really worth using. I have tested all the lenses in question and the only one that gives a benefit to the 60mm is the CMC-1 the others have such a minor effect they end up being an hindrance as the increased magnification is none and the ability to focus further away no longer there In essence with the 60mm you dive with the CMC-2 on the flip diopter off the lens and when you find something really tiny that the camera can’t get close enough to fill the frame use the CMC-1 The olympus camera unfortunately doesn’t have a manual focus guide to tell you when you are at the minimum distance so you need to use other tricks to figure out when you need to use the wet lens Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. As Adam says. The 60mm on MFT body focusses at 12 cm from the port. Until then there is no need for CMC-1 If you step away further closer you need to remove the lens as infinity focus is at 7 cm with the CMC-1 So in short unless you have something smaller than 17.3mm wide there is no need for any wet lens and that is a really small super macro 2x wide frame
  10. You don't need a +3 diopter on MFT as almost all lenses focus at less than 1 foot from the front. This was needed with full frame optics that had 30 cm from the lens in water this becomes 40 cm Neither of 45 60 30 mm for MFT need any diopter other than the CMC-1 and actually the 30mm focus already closer than the CMC-1 would allow
  11. If the dome port is correctly positioned the distortion is zero. A misplacement of 1-2 cm only induces 1-2 degrees distortion in terms of CA this should not have an impact either. I see zero CA in my shots Based on that is not worth developing profiles underwater as the port is actually correct except when using wet lenses that do not follow a lens profile But I would not really want to correct a wet lens when you do your blurred edges all come back and need cropping One thing many people do not understand is that corners are not sharper with fisheye or wet optics they appear sharp because they are compressed If you decompressed them they look crap worse than rectilinear lenses in most cases. If you shoot a rectilinear MFT lens and disable lens correction (not possible in lightroom) you get incredibly sharp images with 5-6% barrel distortion Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. There is already a profile for both canon and tokina. All canon and sigma nikon have profiles. Only MFT lenses don’t have in lightroom (but do on other packages) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Removing orings from the strobes is the only way I managed to damage them ever Back in the days I removed the orings when I was checking in the luggage now I don’t do that either. I do however only change the batteries in a clean environment even if I need to go back to the room or cabin. I never shoot full power and strobes typically do at least two dives sometimes I even leave them for 3 if I am doing macro. But again the strobes are almost always at max 1/4 power benefit of a cropped camera shooting mostly f5.6-f8 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Considering the cost of two viewfinder I am wondering if it would be more useful to have an external monitor that can cover wide and macro at any angle? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I already covered in this video and on my blog This is for compacts and MFT For APSC DSLR it is actually easier as those cameras focus further away so even legacy options like subsee are relevant In general for MFT the only wet lens that make sense for a 1:1 macro is the CMC-1 as all lenses can focus closer than the diopter allows The 30mm lens can’t take any diopter For compacts or mid range zoom the scale goes like this Subsee +5 CMC-2 Inon UCL-90 CMC-1 Inon UCL-67 In some cases with skittish subjects there is benefit of a weaker diopter the inon UCL-330 can be useful but most zooms can focus at one foot so this is no longer relevant I think this is a mature subject at least for me but you always get the guy that buys a useless lens typical example I have a 60mm macro but the CMC-1 is hard to use so I buy CMC-2 but actually the lens already outperforms the wet lens Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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