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  1. Low resolution so all the heavy modification to the image are almost invisible It makes sense!
  2. I guess the original intention of the post got sidetracked by the usual stuff Going back to what you say it may be true that national geographic is using a gopro for shark, sure you can put it on a stick and if it gets crushed who cares but viceversa is not true a lot of people that use a phone or a gopro stay there This is consistent across the number of surveys done Most people here and the readers of uwpmag dont come for gopro and phones Technology in the camera department is moving slow phones are moving fast the two things do not cross path. Phones have app stores you can write tools so they have much more to offer than a closed system camera Market consolidation will happen and the market becomes more commodity I see those as consequences that cannot be avoided, will it trickle to underwater photography? Not sure is such a small segment Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Lol I think camera manufacturers are set in their ways. I ran a survey in the largest GH5 facebook groups majority come from another MFT or DSLR or larger mirrorless. The response of those loosing market share is to say ours is better we will improve it further instead of understanding what is that needs to be provided that is not already there and people want. Is a case I give you what I have not what you want. But is normal companies are traditionally looking at competitors as someone doing exactly the same thing until an alternative product or service comes that makes their product obsolete and sends them out of business Lens manufacturers instead understand this zeiss and leica already cooperate with the likes of Sony and Huawei. You will always need a lens of some description
  4. It is my point because they are camera companies that are camera and image not consumer centric. Same issue of Olympus keep going on a certain path without trying to exploit the video potential of MFT while Panasonic was getting the whole public of DSLR and camcorders shooters interested in portable video. Camera will become specific devices for people that need a more creative support manufacturers keep making the same mistakes and pushing consumers to full frame because they make money with that not realising that the majority of people can't be bothered about ultimate image quality but need to share quickly ultimately this approach cannibalises their own cropped offering but does not win a single consumer that comes from mobile phone market
  5. I am not saying this is bad or good. I am just saying that a typical camera manufacturer is not equipped to provide facilities on camera to make it a small processing station. Sony who should have a clue about this does a pretty average job, Panasonic a bit better apps but still pretty bad. The online documentation of the trip etc is typically video not photos. I would not see how a bunch of photographs without narrative can be effective for that purpose. With the level of bandwidth available now video is much more effective for promotions than writing a blog and putting pictures. This is because the average person can't be bothered reading anything even content of a certain depth and prefers to play a video. GoPro here with extensive editing requirement does not help much. On this note about video phones have an edge and next coming are drones and smaller crop cameras like micro four thirds if you wanted a professional look (assuming anybody cares) not your typical DSLR or full frame rig with huge lenses. All those trends are not helping a traditional camera supplier like Nikon, Canon, Olympus as we have seen and probably the reason Panasonic has yet to exit MFT seeing the sales figures of the GH5 camera that is typically your next step after mobile phone from what I can see.
  6. John let us know how you get on. Make sure this housing as a bulkhead to record ProRes RAW on an external monitor. There are issues with that and nauticam ended up with this massive M28 without that you will record CinemaDNG on disk and it will finish in few seconds
  7. The behaviour of evaluating pictures to get more likes is typical of the new generations. While before you had some artistic intent so you tried to do something you liked first and eventually sought some feedback to improve it now people just look at marketing themselves to create something that will make them popular irrespective of what they really like. In that regards this is aligned to what Adam was saying some people start than loose the wow factor and move on to something else. Those kind of user will always move to something new and rarely stick to something because all they are looking is a wow surprise factor. Having a fast workflow to get into this high consumption mode is likely to be more important than a traditional shoot lots of images wait for the end of the trip then load them into your computer and spend days processing to make them a print or something you want to send to a competition. I don't believe the current camera manufacturers map well this type of consumer that is interested in producing wow factor out of a 1.5 Megapixel image on instagram and producing high volumes of images. This is the kind of reactivity a device with camera, processing and connectivity can give you so naturally falls into the phone space at present Companies struggle to adapt to a completely different mindset so answers will have to come from somewhere else
  8. I wrote this piece is pretty long but is getting some good feedback worth a read probably https://interceptor121.com/2020/07/05/what-happens-after-the-olympus-has-fallen/
  9. Growing pain I think is not a good description of the numbers from CIPA https://www.statista.com/chart/5782/digital-camera-shipments/ A decline of 87% from 2010 clearly there is a consequence of mobile phones improvements. My wife used to have a camera since the iphone 11 she only takes it for a special occasion most times she does the whole thing on her phone When things go well and an industry segment is growing is easier for everyone. In a shrinking market it is harder to compete as overall numbers are reducing so even keeping market share means reducing revenues. This calls for a different approach to product development. I am looking at Sony sensor roadmap when I started this thread and specifically looking at the slow down of product release from a few brands with new models having the same sensor of 2017 (ZCAM, BMD, the new Olympus have the same identical sensor of the 2017 releases from Panasonic Olympus, Nikon last releases are the same sensors repackaged in mirrorless, or some other brands not releasing anything at all or looking at different ways to add value (see Panasonic G100 attempt) As the segment approaches maturity and overall number of sales shrinks there will be people going out of business and market consolidation it happens in any industry segment and will happen here too. My original post was not about the stagnation being a bad thing but being a good thing as it stops the rush for the newest model and focusses people on learning how to use a camera. Of course if your business model is built around someone buying a new housing and keeping the new well you have a problem but I have sold all housings I do not use as second. I never kept two housing if I don't use them I also think that the market might become a replacement market like appliances where people change only because of wear not because of features. The appliance market has undergone massive consolidation in the last 10 years and is larger than cameras but perhaps the same trend apply there too. Meanwhile we are at 4th of July and no hot models are being released. Sony now is finally decided to come out with their A7S instalment but this is around 2 years old news! It could well be that Covid-19 makes companies think twice before venturing out with new product who knows. All seems to come together now!
  10. John if you think that getting a camera that is not exactly popular and has a single housing made by a guy in Australia is giving you an edge perhaps go ahead The Panasonic S1 series has nauticam underwater housing that are reliable and they have a complete port system which is very important. I know what I would do and I am also pretty sure the Sigma will not give anything more than the Panasonic in light of the fact Panasonic has a pretty good idea on video recording with a proven track record and the S1H is broadcast and netflix certified From the RAW side ProRes RAW is limited to 12 bits and is the only real RAW format except CinemaDNG it has to be seen how much of a benefit does ProRes RAW give compared to traditional log shooting at 10 bits. When ProRes RAW is released I will get the S1H on loan from Panasonic and will be able to draw my own conclusion As of today the only camera that has a reliable housing, ProRes RAW working and is also not super expensive is the Zcam E2
  11. There is no problem with the S1H what I meant is why bother with a Sigma a very unproven path when at the end is the same sensor of the Panasonic S1H Panasonic pro is lending me a camera atomos recorded and all for testing it would be great to have a housing for testing too I am currently waiting the prores raw update for s1h that has been delayed Sigma was quicker on that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Still is the same sensor inside the S1H from Panasonic so I would not venture on a Sigma unless I could test it long time on land Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. You have a thing against me that is preventing you to read properly There is no path from gopro to shooting underwater photos Typically people stay there or go to another video rig usually MFT As gopro teaches you the pain to edit video you pass this stage and no longer want to take any images Underwater photography is becoming the old fella hobby Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thats not RAW it is a YCbCr codec Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Sigma got a ProRes RAW update just announced last week
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