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  1. The 10-17 range us covered and more by the WWL-1 I agree however if you have a tokina you can do several things with it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The 8-15mm and the 8-18mm are two different solutions for different things I use the 8-15mm as prime wide angle lens for fish it is very flexible like a Tokina on APSC The 8-18mm is good for shots with people, wrecks where lines matter and split shots. In fact it is my favourite lens for splits and the one I I use
  3. I heard Mimmo Roscigno using the same terminology mini dome offer more magnification. That does not sound correct. Assuming the minidome is actually a full semicircle and it is correctly positioned a mini dome only offers a shorter working distance things at infinity and field of view would be unchanged. If you are on a cropped format this shorter distance may not be material example smaller dome 4.5 cm radius normal 5.5. cm 1 cm matters little Full frame large dome 12.5 cm radius smaller dome 5 cm radius difference is significant and does give that 'magnification' effect However other than a full frame crowd there are zoom fisheye lenses on relatively small domes so nobody really cares about those distinctions that are mostly for a full frame user having issues of bulk/space/proximity
  4. I saw some test shots time ago and it was great however this is partially due to the reduced FOV and distortion the lens is 100 degrees wide
  5. As expected the corners are better see the fish bottom right This however is due to corner compression of the wet lens so distortion helps the image Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Yes the dome is a bit small but the amount of additional barrel distortion should not be so bad There is also the possibility the lens/camera is decentred to dome but few tests on land would exclude the lens from the equation Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  7. My comment is, assuming your lens is not decentered, the corner with the branch shows the effect of distortion correction (pulled corners) which means the corners are already soft and underwater they get worse The op lens however appears to have a discrepancy between the two sides that subject to further tests may indicate the lens is decentered, this needs to be tested In essence lenses can have their own problems before you put them behind a dome but nobody bother checking them
  8. The land shot n 3 where there is a branch coming in. With regards to this underwater shot the lens may be decentered which is a different issue altogether
  9. No the corner that is bad is the right corner where you can see the lens is corrected for distortion this is likely the issue Processing the raw with a software that can disable it will improve matters
  10. Shot 3 the one with the branch shows the lens is not that sharp in the corners. It has probably field of curvature issues of its own before you even take it underwater so I would expect things to deteriorate at close range and f/11 to be the norm
  11. The 180mm dome is a cut of a 220mm diameter dome while the 230mm is a cut of a 240mm if I recall correctly. So there is only 1 cm difference in radius. However f/8 seems too wide for APSC. I shoot f/8 with my 180mm dome at 8mm which is narrower than the OP on MFT. This does not consider that the lens itself may have issues on land. Many people do not test their lenses on land and then wonder why they don't perform underwater. Go and shoot a brick wall you will be surprise it won't be as sharp as you would think most times
  12. The mount converter v2 works with the bayonet v1 you don't need to adjust your lenses mounts but the old one has been discontinued Seems to have a different release button the old one was fidgety with gloves
  13. I got my hand on few samples to understand how those work in final cut pro (and premiere)
  14. Sorry I misread. In that case the distance is accurate as nauticam tests on a macro slide Which means you need to go with smaller aperture or larger dome Try small aperture first. I use f/8 on same dome on MFT you need f/11 likely Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. The lens is very wide and it is possible that the acrylic dome is not positioned exactly where it needs to be to make the corners better albeit they will never be perfect. If you invest in the glass port you will see the recommended extension is 60mm so it is likely the acrylic port is too short and this compromises the corners
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