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  1. I am still on the GH5 and am not planning to change Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  2. in terms of power and coverage the YS-01 and the Z240 are almost equivalent with diffusers. The inon diffuser is stronger than the sea and sea one on the YS-01 Although the theory of one stop less is through in practical terms you are not in a dark room so that 2/3 of a stop will make quite a bit of difference to your shots especially at the centre of the frame for wide angle that is not that close, for close shots you won't see much As you have a single strobe now why not just buy a second identical one? You will have double the power and the S2000 keep well their value on the market some people keep them for macro because of their size and the light quality is very good
  3. I think once you place that set up in a housing you have a higher risk of overheating On land it will do fine especially if you lift the screen Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  4. If you buy a type 1 you can then buy the type 2 ring and vice versa Typically ikelite housing have type 1 Just measure the thread distance from the glass type 2 is practically flat or 1mm in type 1 is deeper Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  5. I think this is very useful on land but not so much underwater as the screen will lay flat and the housing already has space for disk and batteries so not worth invalidating the warranty
  6. Mobile phones have killed compact cameras together with GoPro. Today there are very few cameras that work as the old canon used to do. With my wife old Canon S95 some wet lenses and two strobes my wife could take wide angle and then super macro Today all compact cameras are either advanced sensors or super zoom so there is a need for a port system as result housing if they exist are aluminium or in any case much more expensive The wet lens paradigm has shifted to micro four thirds currently the only system that can go ahead with a single port but obviously much more expensive than Canon used to do. The sad story is that there is no money to be made so Canon has left it to Meikon and similar to deal with and is not really bothering with the cameras anymore after all underwater imaging was never a priority it was easy to make up a polycarbonate housing and this gave access to functionality but now there are simply no cameras fitting the recipe
  7. Possibly but that's a special topic I would say Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  8. I decided to do a full write up as I see a lot of confusion on this subject. https://interceptor121.com/2019/09/14/which-macro-lens-to-pick-for-your-gh5-or-micro-four-third/ The same logic obviously apply to full frame but the lens examples would be different
  9. This thread inspired me to write a post https://interceptor121.com/2019/09/14/which-macro-lens-to-pick-for-your-gh5-or-micro-four-third/
  10. As far as I recall from Nauticam the CMC-1 or no diopter can bring more magnification to the 30mm as the minimum working distance of the lens is shorter than the CMC-1 on its own. I would like to run some tests to confirm but generally nauticam is correct and they do field test The 30mm minimum working distance is 10.5cm - length of the lens 6.35 cm - 2cm to focal point on the camera this lens focusses at 2 cm from the port so the benefit of the cmc-1 would be really minimal to none In terms of depth of field once you reach the same level of magnification there are no difference on focal length so 30-45-60 are all the same once you get to the same size subject in the frame
  11. I also wanted to add the fact that while the best focal length is 45mm both the Panasonic 30 and Olympus 60 are sharper than the leica 45 despite lower cost so you can buy both lenses For portrait a zoom lens 14-42mm works fine if working distance is a problem you get a diopter So the priority list for me has been Olympus 60 Panasonic 14-42 for video And there have been some rare occasions where the 30mm would have been useful as the 14-42 covers that focal length fine and you can add a diopter To date I have not bought it If you start with a 30mm you will need the 60 the moment you go to a super macro destination and if you get the 45 port you will need the 65 or 20 extension however the 45 does not work with the 14-42 If you start from the 14-42 you get the 35 port than 30 extension for the 60 and 17 for the 30mm Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  12. There is no lens not vignetting with the LX10 because the lens becomes longer when you zoom in so there is a gap to the port. The performance also depends on the housing you use and the distance between thread and glass Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  13. The CMC-2 on the 60mm provides no magnification as the camera working distance does not improve materially The 60mm needs the cmc-1 and then captures an area of 9mm width The cmc-2 on other lenses does not provide the same magnification of the 60mm but is definitely much easier to use especially for video Even with the 12-50 I would go for the cmc-1 if a macro lens is not required Regarding the 30mm it is good for larger subject but makes it very hard to isolate them so not good for small things on sand rocks Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  14. Buy the Olympus 60mm as a priority The 30mm is wide for many situations and the 45mm Panasonic is slow to focus
  15. Both cameras have 1/250 sync speed The d7200 had an internal flash with auto fps mode this increases the speed to 1/320 The d500 has no internal flash so it stops at 1/250 If you see a black line it means the camera is capturing the rear shutter window Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  16. The GH5 and the EM1 share the same sensor however Panasonic and Olympus have made different choices in terms of construction of the camera. As result the GH5 has slightly better color and dynamic range but the EM1 has some more performance a higher ISO we are talking about small differences. In terms of video Olympus devices have always been lagging but now they are decent. When it comes to still features Olympus is better than Panasonic at focus and other features, The other factor to consider is that the Panasonic m43 work well with any lens brand, the Olympus camera prefer Olympus lens and give some side effects with Panasonic lenses. For macro you can use the Olympus 60mm for most and for wide angle the 8mm Panasonic if you use the GH5 or otherwise better the Olympus for their EM1. For video the approach is different and I prefer a 14-42MM zoom with wet lenses wide and close. You can of course use this as a platform for stills and it does better as wide angle than macro where even with a strong close up lens you cant beat the 60mm
  17. Pincushion distortion reduces at 35mm equivalent so 24mm At 16mm or 24mm equivalent pincushion distortion will blur the edges the close up lens makes it worse with the port only it will be there but less Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  18. I have had two YS-01 I damaged one and sea and sea wanted to charge me a very high amount to I got rid of them and switched to Inon Having had the Z240 and the YS-01 I can tell you that if you don't damage the YS-01 are almost as good for wide angle than the z240 The TTL didn't work but you should not use it. Right now if you can't afford a Z330 or equivalent power I would go with the YS01/02 for a compact camera to do some decent wide angle The s2000 are great for macro and cfwa but totally useless for bigger scenes Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  19. Batteries contained in equipment and packed with equipment can be fully charged The requirement of no more than 30% soc only applies to batteries shipped on their own and this scenario does not apply to a travelling diver Lights need to be set so they dont activate this can achieved removing the batteries (not advices for sola) or locking the light This can be done in two ways setting the switch for 4 seconds on more until it blinks red or opening the cap and rotating the inner part to flight mode. There is no need for security to open the lights themselves you start with the switch lock so you can prove they are set and if they insist open the light and put it in flight mode yourself Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  20. This shot does not need a diopter zoom in and go further away a diopter is not meant to be used at wide end
  21. So this is the 62mm version inside the Nauticam 7" acrylic dome. I have the same set up but with the keldan screw on as I can't find a UK distributor for URPRO since cameras underwater has gone bust I sent you a PM please check it
  22. The URPRO goes deeper than auto magic and works better in blue green water Do you use a screw on version and for which lens? Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  23. Trip officially moved to 1-8 August Spaces still available Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  24. One light is not a solution with a wide lens it may work at close range when the field of view of the lens is much smaller than the light apex beam If you use a single light at wide angle with a light that has a small apex you will just generate a hotspot that will make the exposure hard and also compromise the white balance The 8-18 has around 95 degree horizontal field of view so you would need a light with sufficient power at 120 degrees to try with a single one and even so the frame will not be evenly covered When you zoom to 18mm you have a chance but there will be hard shadows on the other side of the frame Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
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