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  1. The housing has two wheels one for front and one for back it controls everything on the camera no buttons are unmapped except some function ones?
  2. HLG has minimum ISO 400 so I used a 3 stops ND filter. I had lens that was not particularly wide wasn’t expecting the dolphin to come so close There is no color correction however as the shots had different camera angle I have used match color when they were visibly different The image had a lot of contrast and the colours were already vivid so I left it as is I think snorkelling is the perfect opportunity for HLG especially when you have ripple light on the dolphins looks excellent in all set ups Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Doesn’t look like it despite the Tv being correctly recognised Basically final cut itself doesn’t manage it full stop Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Megapixels have nothing to do with equivalence this sensor is around 3 stops from full frame If the pictures are not sharp is due to other reasons Not having a flash you have motion blur easily under 1/200 shutter You don’t need f/8 for portraits maybe for macro depending on dof Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I have tried today driving the HDR Tv using the eGPU and the final cut multiple display with no joy
  6. Looks like your housing is not set with any bulkhead capability either monitoring or recording as the connected is for the sync cables I really struggle to understand Nauticam fault into this
  7. Sorry but what is your issue exactly? What camera do you have the you feel Nauticam solution is an annoyance?
  8. f/8 with your camera is like f/22 on a full frame you are at diffraction limit so from sharpness point of view the camera will perform much better at wider apertures in terms of sharpness. As your camera allows you a very fast shutter speed you can just increase that to 1/500 and more to create a dark background if needed. For portrait work f/4 or f/5.6 will be more than sufficient also in terms of depth of field or with wet lenses
  9. Yes this guy really is massive! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. The people that do that sort of stuff knick it before it can even be taken down I had a case of a guy who cropped my logo off a YouTube video and actually I would have not had a problem if he had asked me Facebook stops at 3 megapixels but for some people is enough so the only way is to down grade to 1.5 MP that can be shared on a phone but not put on a full size website It is a risk of social media and one of the reasons to be cautious if you care Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. In final cut pro you set your project preference to the distribution format of choice in this case 1080 the application will use original or optimised media at the source resolution to create render files at 1080 You can also run a 4K project and then scale down to 1080p at the end Generally I create a master in 4K and let the platform scale down (youtube etc) I only create smaller files for facebook in the rare occasion I put something there in 1080 p but I work in 4K all the way through
  12. ProRes RAW is not rawvideo if you have bought a camera that supports it the housing already has it There are no cameras retrofit that would support raw video and have already an M16 The only case for a retrofit is to give cameras that output 30 fps and wants 50/60 fps all new ones have an M28 installed If you are happy with 24/25/30 you can record on a card and use HDMI 1.4 for monitoring
  13. I think it is actually commendable that Nauticam tackled this problem. I for one I am not a supporter of 50/60 fps video underwater and I hate the persistent slow motion videos of fish but at least if you really want to do something at that bandwidth you have some options now It is more case of asking yourself if you really need HDMI 2.0 or not
  14. Strobes will survive many of your cameras if you invest in the right ones...Technology is relatively simple and the devices are quite sturdy. Camera instead are consumer devices you are looking at changing one every 3 years minimum
  15. Put pictures that are 1600 pixels max so that they can't really be used for printing
  16. Typically ready to fire means the capacitor has enough to trigger the tube or it has reached the time constant of the circuit. How the strobes behave will depend on when the batteries have still enough current to get the capacitor to a point where it discharges. The battery may be technically charged but not enough to materially discharge the capacitor. In any case it is possible that higher charge means less life but 500 cycles are 1000 dives that’s a lot and possibly after 3 years the batteries have to be replaced anyway A good test is to use a land flash with white or black. Haven’t done it yet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. By the way the £5-6K of the Apple Display XDR make a Sony BVM-x300 look cheap. Alternative to the blackmagic you can also drive an HLG display using HDMI from an external GPU (this is what I have) cost starts at £599. However from my initial tests with my BENQ monitor I can actually grade with it in HLG and in any case final cut pro scopes for HLG do not reach full nits value of PQ (which no camera captures directly so would be log to PQ)
  18. new Ultrastudio mini has HDMI 2.0b output - > improvement! So thunderbolt to Ultrastudio Mini and HDMI to compatible Tv Forgot to mention obviously Tv needs to be calibrated and this does not warrant that it will look the same elsewhere but is a start £765 in UK
  19. The last version of Lightroom classic perpetual is the 6.14 Inside the software that are camera RAW processors and profiles so if you have a camera that was not supported by this release you may still try adobe camera RAW and import but it will be sub-optimal. Full list here https://helpx.adobe.com/camera-raw/kb/camera-raw-plug-supported-cameras.html?red=a Furthermore most of the usefulness of lightroom comes from metadata editing and library management which is lost if you migrate elsewhere So when you will get a camera not supported by the last perpetual license you will be pretty much forced into an upgrade unless you want to rework your library
  20. How can it do that if it has HDMI 2.0a? That makes no sense. Can you paste what they said here? I have had discussions with them and they were around using SDI connections with a field monitor to get HLG which is not what you want Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. can admin lock this thread and I create a new Poll please?
  22. The poll does not accept answers anymore but I think @stuartv has good point we need smartphones/tablet as a choice
  23. OK there are other 3 settings in the GH5 I imagine also in the GH5 sensitivity area switching prediction I use set 1 that is default for sensitivity (focus speed) and area (subject moving in and out the focus area) and high on prediction and it works well With tracking the area will move in the frame instead of being fixed this also works well up to a point When you get to super macro I switch to manual with peaking My understanding is that animal eye focus uses similar logic to face detection
  24. What you describe there is tracking which is not C-AF to my understanding. You can use tracking combined with single AF and AFF on my GH5 without C-AF So the camera has face/eye area tracking multi area single area spot focus ares and AFS AFF and CAF modes The first settings tell the camera where is the focus point the second tell the camera how to deal with the engine AFS - focus when the shutter is pressed half and expect no movement AFF - focus when the shutter is pressed half and expect movement CAF - focus when the shutter is pressed half and expect predictable movement
  25. Conclusion the nauticam LED trigger is not a robust solution albeit in some cases is the only solution Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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