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  1. My latest post Video Feature Sony RX100 Mark II in Malta | Interceptor121 Underwater Photo & Video Blog explains how I shot the video below
  2. I have an oneill 5 with the 4th element short John. I think that's the best compromise but more expensive. If you have a 7mm you can buy an oneill or fourth elements thermo top and you will be fine
  3. More news the new camera is going to be LX 1000 with 4K If the crop is the same of the FZ1000 it will only be 37mm at 4K without any form of stabilisation. This will require an old school 0.5x lens to go down to 100 degrees and the lack of stabiliser in the close range seems not an option However the hybrid OIS 24 Mbps to me is still attractive with the panasonic implementation of H264 so will look forward to some test files. At 24 Mbps it may be 28-105mm just the perfect range for my videos!!!
  4. The first issue may have to do with power and shutter speed The second question is more interesting If you connect two strobes independently they will both try and do TTL, if you connect one strobe to another one will be the master Usually for wired connection there could be a lag issue plus some other electrical overload that may fry the strobes so the suggestion is to connect one electrical and the other optical so that there is a clear master Even on Inon manual it says this is the best way, I believe this may have something to do with X sync speed and predictability What is the benefit of connecting with sync cord to you?
  5. This year temperatures are warmer but septmber is the coldest month. I was there in may with a 5mm and was plenty but I would think a 7mm is probably safer for the thermoclines
  6. Olympus lenses are not stabilised. This can be a problem at long focal lengths
  7. Pretty much all straight from the camera, no exposure corrections around 40" have minimal color correction (caves and shots with lights)
  8. There is another thread from Peter he has now moved on to the 14-42 lens with diopter. Going on a dive with just one focal length is very specific
  9. http://interceptor121.com/2014/08/21/tweaking-the-sony-rx100-mark-ii-video-performance/ My latest installment to get the best out of this little wonder waiting for something new on the horizon
  10. 4K will require upgrading of all my software. My videos are for my perusal I quite like the idea to take the best shots out of the camera and only to editing in terms of cut and paste of clips. I would prefer to even not bother with color correction and exposure and in fact in most cases I don't need to Maybe panasonic comes with a GM2 and no more compacts?
  11. I think olympus 5 axis is also optical and electronic right now am not that bothered about 4K I rather have the best 1080p. The new panasonic camera might fit that nicely at 24-90. When I had the lx7 I found the wetmate sufficient most times and I could still zoom to 28mm to attach the inon 100 degrees lens. 90mm at long end was fine for macro shots. One weakness was the stabiliser that was really ineffective at 24mm and was affected by the shutter trigger for video (twist at start end of recording). Caneras that have a simple button for movie on the back of the body respond better yo stabilisation
  12. On nauticam port system recommends the 4.33" but the lens can't zoom so the 7-14 is more interesting for sure
  13. No that's correct the crop eliminates some of the problem . Also 32-96 really makes it a close lens at 4K
  14. A friend of mine has it and on the GX7 for stills does not look amazing but possibly with the GH4 it is another story I don't find it very soft but I don't find it sharper than my little camera either. Surely at 4K resolution will look sharper anyway
  15. As far as I know iguanas are only on aggressors schedule other boats only do them on 10 days trip. Water is coldest in late September looking at historical data. It is not that cold at surface but thermocline can get to 13-14C
  16. It is a shame as the 14-42 lens is not that sharp Surely the 4K brings a lot of detail with the high bitrate but the glass itself is average I am looking forward to see results until then I keep my compact RX100 II
  17. Interesting about the 12-35 and flat port. Maybe the dome is required to fit the hood. But I also see you can put extension 20 and 30 on the 35 port. So you could probably do something
  18. I think you could have some challenges in really silty conditions but if the camera has peaking you can lock focus at a specific distance and then move the camera. At the end with a close up lens you usually have around 1" range of focus anyway so that should work fine for most Looking at your 7-14 footage things do look tiny even when fully zoomed in. The camera does focus and also very close but the capture area is really vast It is a shame that there is no flat port for the 12-35 lens as you could mount a wetmate and then diopters for close up work on a sharper lens. Instead there is a 7" dome that is cumbersome if you want to do close range work. Could still be fine with medium size fish where you lack the extreme big fish or they don't get close and don't have real super tiny subjects. In Lembeh however I can't think of any dive site where I would take a 7-14 or 12-35 instead of taking the 14-42 with diopters
  19. 14 becomes 28 or 75 degrees FOV 12 becomes 24 or 84 degrees FOV Instead of your opteka At that point you would put an Inon lens on the 14 but then we are back to the usual issues of chromatic aberration and somewhat blurred edges Would you not use a compact directly if you have to blow away the resolution? The sharpness of the RX100 is actually a bit better than the 14-42 You can check the gallery of scipione for the Inon results, I think it looks very similar or worse than my RX100 wide angle images but same goes for the 9-18mm The panasonic 7-14 is definitely sharper than all the other options we are discussing here
  20. 28mm on flat port is 35mm not wide enough. With a wetmate 28mm still narrow fort tastes but acceptable for small fish or larger fish at distance. An ideal lens would be 12-50 with stabiliser!!
  21. 5 will cover the 20cm to 12 cm. there will still be nothing for 20-40cm which is the perfect distance for fish portraits. Of course that is not macro and maybe not relevant much in lembeh. Is the subsee 5 not achromatic??
  22. Wow amazing stuffPeter a little suggestion if you don't mind buy or take with you if you have it already the inon UCL-330 other wise you will have nothing to work in the 10 cm to 40 cm distance. I have all inon lenses and the quality of the UCL100 is terrific however working distance of 10cm is many times too close. I prefer to take UCL-330 and UCL-165 even if I have a bit of fringing as more flexible for video or if possible take all 3 lenses. Good luck!
  23. Ah of course it would mean cropping the actual frame and scaling backOk will look forward to your video
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