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  1. As much cheaper alternative I would recommend this http://www.epoque-japan.com/e-digitallight-el1000lhpa105.htm They are $195 in Japan and sell at £149 including VAT here in UK however not sure who distributes them in US I use the Epoque as focus light on the S95 it is very bright at 1000 lumens you can dim it to 500 and 100 lumens (the latter is useless) but does not convert to spot, requires a bracket to go on YS mount. With those lights you can get 2000 lumens for $420 once you factor the YS mounts, they are a bit cold at 7000 lumens but you can set the white balance to compensate Do consider though that an LX7+Nauticam housing+ ultralight tray+two locline arms+two sola 1200+nauticam wet mate costs around the $3K you mentioned if you downgrade to Ikelite and two sola dive 800 you are at $2,200. Frankly I would spend the whole $3K for the better set up
  2. Having tested one extensively I disagree the lx7 beats it
  3. Yes http://interceptor121.wordpress.com My favorite at this time is a Panasonic LX7
  4. Entirely shot with the LX7 except water entry with gopro No software stabilization in post processing just put together with iMovie for mac Details of the rig on my blog for who is interested
  5. Am not an expert on the subject but typically sensor capture more pixels that they end up storing though it is not exactly like stills it is better to have a larger sensor because of noise. The issue is real time processing power to scale down and compression that usually limits video to 2MB resolution not to mention decoding that no hardware at home can do. I think professional cameras for example 3-sensors should beat the LX7 as each sensor captures a different RGB channel I believe (but maybe be very wrong) but single CMOS sensor probably won't be better simply because the 1/1.7" of a compact camera is actually larger In general the issue with compacts for shooting video versus a camcorder is the lack of specific video controls but in the LX7 this does not apply the camera has more controls than a camcorder But again I am not the expert in the field I would have a word with the video people here
  6. My thoughts on this camera on the latest blog http://interceptor121.wordpress.com/...derwater-video The video is compiling on vimeo and will be online soon. I had to replace as the first time it was not HD
  7. I think you are over estimating the red mode. On worst cases you can put a filter on your lights to achieve that Besides fish still sees the light at a certain point so don't think you are invisible
  8. Two 600 lumens are more than adequate for night dives and macro. However 90 degrees beam is actually not that important, it will only reduce your working distance before you need to change the position of the lights, unless you have a really wide lens with more than 130 degrees the 90 degrees of the beam will not actually be used Another light to consider is the Epoque is cheaper and is 1000 lumens also this one very wide at 105
  9. The reason why filter may produce better results is that usually cameras white balance stops at 10,000k It can happen to have a colder light temperature in water, a filter will warm the light and bring it into the working range of the camera custom white balance. So in certain conditions you may get an advantage If your camera works over 10,000K for example 14,000K usually there is no benefit for a filter as the light temperature never gets to the point that the camera custom white balance fails
  10. The bluewater WA110 and Ikelite W30 are the same lens, in fact this is actually the Epoque DCL-30 http://www.epoque-japan.com/e-digitalacc-wide.htm The W-20 is the old Epoque DCL-20 this lens has a small rear lens and will vignette on the RX100 The old Inon UWL-100 instead will not as the back lens is larger, this gives better optical quality than the DCL-30 or Inon UWL-H100 Filters are only needed for video for photos there is no need Before making any decision on the lenses you need to get the housing first. Any lens will sit much closer to the port with the nauticam housing as opposed to ikelite and that will influence the choice of lens making some choices not viable. There are plenty of considerations on the RX100 and wet lenses on my blog http://interceptor121.wordpress.com Consider that is possible to attach also Inon AD and LD bayonet mount lenses that are much more practical than M67 threaded ones. The RX100 requires lots of lens changes in water and the thread is not the best way to get that done quickly and increases the risk of loosing the lenses
  11. I have been testing time lapse with the GoPro Hero2 Entertaining! I will take this set up on a wreck dive and see how it looks
  12. Just finished last details http://interceptor121.wordpress.com/panasonic-lx7-compact-video-rig/ Pool night and then Grenada next week for some wreck diving
  13. Inon UFL165AD Inon UWL105AD Inon AD lens holder Ikelite bluewater filter for UWL105 Ikelite green water filter for UWL105 All bundled for £425 ($640) (€495) plus shipping This is due to relocation all items are in great condition with no optical issues and in nearly all cases with original boxes
  14. The original people at kri island have two resort one upmarket and one medium http://www.papua-diving.com/ Look for Kri resort, I checked this one but then ended up on a liveaboard they have a great reputation this is where dr Allen identified the most number of species on a single dive
  15. Inon just released new lens with 3 elements similar to subsee and can be stacked http://inonnews.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/ucl-100lducl-100m67-close-up-lens.html It is on sale at UW fotopartner in Germany http://www.uw-fotopartner.com/Zubehoer-fuer-Gehaeuse/Objektive/Makro-Linsen/INON-Makrolinse-UCL-100-M67?c=2572
  16. You can be well pleased You should get an ultralight double tray with rubber handles and push up filter polarpro backscatter or srp do some so you don't need to works so hard in post Also shoot in 2.3k can raw so that you can also crop in post to remove the blur at edges Am sure next video will be even better
  17. The YS-01 works perfectly fine with the RX100 and the information previously posted is incorrect you cannot trigger the YS-01 in no preflash mode as the RX100 always fires a preflash So your rx100 has to be set to fill flash and your YS-01 to TTL Don't make the mistake of pointing the strobe to the flash in ttl mode as that will just end up with an Underexposed picture If you want to test is the strobe fires put it in front of the camera in Pre-flash mode if you want to check ttl you will need to aim the strobe at the subject
  18. I have been diving this wreck last year. It is sufficiently lit by ambient light still I would think a filter would have helped The pov feeling of doing the dive is good and despite the fast pace of some scenes being a bit too fast as you were not finning like mad I guess overall it is not shaky I would agree on cutting it down to something around 3-3.30 minutes Other than that very good within the limitations of the cheap lens of the gopro that creates blurred corners but in honesty what do you pretend! How did you hold the camera?
  19. It is not an item on order I submitted some photos to nauticam and then a friend met with me nauticam in person at mola dive show to show the issue with the port Few days later both myself and my Italian friend received through our nauticam importer the new port I also have to thank Alex tattersall in UK for providing me with the first replacement port I confirmed back to nauticam that the new port resolves the issue and I believe this is now on all new housing that will be produced If for any reason you buy one with longer port contact the dealer and they will be able to assist for sure
  20. The s100/110 is a good compact that women like fits in a small handbag Underwater has plenty of add ins main draw back battery life There is no much difference other than depth rating between the oem and ikelite In fact the canon housing has also got a cold shoe very useful for macro video and takes all inon bayonet and not lenses
  21. No vignetting it but shadow I used a single focus light and at that distance I can't cover the whole frame
  22. Yes Nauticam delivered a new shorter port with this one there is no vignette at 28mm I have posted some tests in another thread here
  23. very good who said this camera can't take great macro (with diopters) What lens did you use?
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