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  1. Does Premiere import directly the 2.7K format or you need to convert it first? Also is this premiere elements or pro?
  2. Hi Nick you may want to have a look at this http://interceptor121.wordpress.com/2012/10/28/sony-rx100-tips-for-uw-video-part-3-setting-custom-white-balance/
  3. As far as I can see from some youtube the black has less than 1 hour of continuous shooting check micbergsma channel there are many useful comparisons
  4. I have used filters to shoot video as per here using Ikelite push up filter on a wide angle lens http://youtu.be/2p6g12dxIBU For stills you don't need a filter as the camera shoots RAW and you can white balance later. For video you need to white balance the RX100 has got fine white balance settings but they are a pain to access as per my post http://interceptor12...-white-balance/ Wide angle wise you definitely need one as 28mm without a dome become less than 55 field of view, nauticam recommends the Inon UWL-H100 you can get this lens with a 67mm thread or with an Inon bayonet mount, Nauticam sells this adapter too. Due to the number of changes of wet lenses in water that the macro shots require I would definitely recommend you get a bayonet mount. If your diopter is an M67 there is an adapter M67-LD If you want to stick to M67 mount the UWL-04 that the op has here is a fine lens or also the fix uwl28m52
  5. It is always difficult to say without testing if you look at the specs the epoque is a 8.4 diopter so it should work well for regular macro
  6. The locline base goes on the top of the handle the oring might go under those then the locline segments snap onto it They should have terminations to which you can connect a sola, not sure if those are 3/4 or 1/2 but sola needs 1/2 so might need a reducer For the lights I have found that on a night dive 2x1200 is more than enough to scare off the fish and in day time they bear with it a little Not sure about 2x2000 I would also check the lights can commute between spot and flood I think there are two models and having the spot save using a torch
  7. As far as I recall nauticam uses +10 subsee for their shots that by the way are also cropped The rx100 has a pretty large capture area http://interceptor121.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/sony-rx100-tips-for-underwater-video-part-7-macro-shots/ Compared to other compact cameras The camera doesn't have a macro mode and on land it works well until you are 2" away from your subject In water though it struggles to focus on small items and you need to sort back further to make it work So at least a +5 is needed just to be on par with other similar cameras and a +10 or even more is required for super macro As far as I can see the nauticam shots are also cropped
  8. I have adapter an automator agent and using ffmpeg I can repackage the files into mp4 After that I manually import them in imovie skipping the process This gives me 1080p50 files that can be edited directly if you try to import both fcp and imovie do not see the 1080p50 or 1080p60 files
  9. There are known issues with the 1440x1080 mode of the gopro that make this comparison not significant
  10. The silver doesn't shoot at 1080p60 only the black does In essence the silver is the same as the hero2 with less battery autonomy
  11. There are no issues with macro if you have a diopter actually it is razor sharp as the pictures here show if you don't have a diopter the camera by itself struggles with focus
  12. I have managed to modify the Fix M67-ADF Pro adapter with a plastic ring 3mm thick and changing the screws to 9mm you can then use the Inon UFL165AD not used on a trip but this should give an idea of sharpness ufl165ad-12-8mm
  13. It says it at the beginning Inon most likely one or two stacked UCL165, I have used the same for video and they do a fine job The RX100 does need a lot of magnification as the capture area is very large
  14. Steve definitely get a good tray and arm. Ultralight control system work for me the S95 set up we have has a TR-DM tray and a TR-DHB handle with 5"+5" arm segments You will need a good number of STIX floats as this is pretty negative fora compact.
  15. Hi Steve and congratulations on your purchase I am jealous you are going to lembeh!! Onto your questions out of the box the s100 don't do ttl in manual and manual is what you need for macro If you look around on google for CHDK ttl canon s95 you should find information on a script I have adapted for the canon hack that will enable ttl in manual If you don't manage or your strobe doesn't work in ttl with the s100 your starting point is the camera without a diooter and for super macro the subsee +5 unless you have Pygmy seahorse and you want to try the +10 this should also make it easier to focus especially if you don't have a focus light that I warmly recommend Settings ISO 80 after all is a small sensor camera you want to keep noise to the minimum Aperture f8 the subsee are powerful and bring high magnification without you may keep to 6.3 Shutter 1/250 or higher as at high magnification the minimum movement result in motion blur this still gives you some blue background against water otherwise 1/500 for black background Zoom wise I recommend working at full zoom and finding the working distance otherwise you may end up on top of the critters I recommend you practice on land with the diopters to determine the working distance at full zoom as that will make it much easier to focus basically once you see it magnified on the LCD you shoot to that respect set the magnification are to small Happy shooting
  16. I would say that if you want to take video the ND filter is very useful close to the surface For photos not much maybe Ikelite considered it more from a still point of view? I am surprised that their housing does not manage all controls
  17. Yes Not worth with any lens designed for 35mm The lens is very wide and not very close to the glass However for video am planning to shoot with the nauticam wet mate 85% of scenes Wide angle lens is only for special occasions Have spoken with a fellow lx7 nauticam peer and the best bet is the inon uwl-h100 however with dome would vignette If you are looking for a fisheye option apparently there is an uwl05 lens that should work with g1x that has a larger lens this could be a better candidate Personally I will not invest in any fisheye for the lx7 am good with a flat 100-110 lens
  18. Just reading he has a Nikon D7000 he can definitely do bokeh!
  19. Bokeh needs shallow depth of field that is a combination of wide aperture and large sensor size Camcorders have small sensors and don't produce good bokeh DSLR users would be able to produce something more easily you may want to search Vimeo or YouTube
  20. I would say the black has better white balance the hero2 better image quality
  21. The battery life of the LX7 is excellent similar to the RX100 I believe you can easily do 3+ dives even with S-TTL with the wired connection even more but then you have some sync speed restrictions
  22. I have now an lx7 with nauticam housing myself I am going to run some comparative tests with the RX100 with regards to image sharpness, low light performance and stabilisation and put them on my blog As far as I can see the HX30v has the same image stabiliser of the rx100 however it has a slow f3.2 zoom lens, as the stabiliser is optical the better results compared to the RX100 could depend by the smaller size of lens and imaging chip. Honestly I would not take anything with aperture less than f/2 in water with the HX30V you are already 2 and 1/3 fstops behind which means in low light you will be shooting at high gain which means a lot of noise on a small sensor camera There is an ikelite housing for the lx7 and it is not massive costs around 550 if you are on a budget I would check that one
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