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  1. No. Water have an effect in skewing the expected balance of colour that a traditional bayer sensor is built to manage A typical RGGB schema expects double green than red and blue so you have issues of clipping the blue channel in water (in blue water in green water not so much as a paradox) Considering that most shots are using artificial lighting larger sensor means you need more strobe power to even things out so it generally impacts portability because is not just about a big camera but also about much bigger strobes Other things where a full frame camera can have an advantage are more latitude in your raw files and being more forgiving if you get your exposure wrong however this is exactly the same as when you shoot on land there is no significant difference I do a lot of land shooting post covid and do regular print club competitions (land or unrestricted) and format is not what wins the day It is however true that most professional and respected underwater photographers shoot full frame DSLR but this is just a habit in my opinion and many competitions are won with Nikon D500 and other cropped DSLR If there is one thing to be said about underwater photography is that the level of mirrorless adoption compared to land shooting is lower when you look at full frame or APSC and this is also because Nikon especially has been lagging but is catching up.
  2. As I said as 1:1 replacement for the camera based on underwater use case not worth it. Though the new camera has much more powerful hardware and features may be added that could change this For land use: time lapses, burst photography etc substantial improvement especially for long exposures due to the new shutter design
  3. Naples and Massa Lubrense are great visibility may be lacking which was looks good in Giannutri Stretto di Messina need to check maybe a resident photographer? Also travel more challenging for me
  4. My strobes outperform any of my gear You need to make sure you take me off the cupboard and do some shots to ensure they don't fail when you go on a trip If instead you are in the water everyday then there is wear and tear I have no idea if professional resident photographer are subject to this issue As resident instructor I would service a regulator after 300 dives as I would feel the perfomance dropping, this is however a mechanical device
  5. No. This lens is very long and needs a 72 flat port or a dome and does not take wet lenses
  6. Not sure what your camera is however on mine I have 4+ options Live preview that shows exactly how the images comes up including depth of field. This is useful for video not for photos Standard. The screen is brighter than the exposure that is simulated high frame rate on the LCD/EVF Boost 1. Frame rate drops and brightness is increased Boost 2. Frame rate drops considerably brightness is higher but image is blurry Generally I use standard or boost 1 Take into account if you use a miniflash the screen will be brighter but if you use a xsync it won't
  7. The optimisations of the lab I use relate to scaling/sharpening not color Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. As a land photographer I rarely use TTL for wide angle shots and in fact not even for portraits. Most work is done with remote triggers and off camera strobes. You don't really beam anybody with a flash TTL is linked to camera metering and this is something that is the problem. In order to expose your target well you need to use spot metering however your target is not usually middle grey so you need to compensate the exposure After all shooting in manual is better unless you are doing fish id flat type of shots
  9. I am starting to think that as diving destination may be in exotic less developed countries travel to such places will be restricted for longer due to covid unless there is a serious breakthrough And therefore we need to look more to local and short haul in places that have their health system working While this is of course an opportunity to discover new places near to home it is not exactly the same of going to Raja Ampat to give an example I would like to know what people think will happen in 2022 and when are we back on track?
  10. I went there many years ago It is not exactly the best place in the world for diving but it is a lovely place for a holiday with some diving
  11. The issue is that slider shifting is not the same as understanding clipping or how the camera actually works Anyway this is a bit too technical and will leave it at that for now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. No Tom You are confusing gamma correction and display with cosmetic adjustments And cambridge in colour is not a good website I have discovered it has many gross errors like the article on diffraction so never go back Lightroom is applying a +1 ev adjustement to your shots plus a further adjustment camera model dependent and increasing contrast Why? Because adobe has determined this is what good looks like Undoing all of that makes you understand how the camera really captures data and from there you realise you can also go further when you shoot The lightroom defaults are especially unsuitable to underwater photography with flash many times you see people loading their images and saying damn I clipped that shot when in fact it was not clipped Then of course you need to fit the image in they dynamic range of the display (10 or less stops) or prints (6-7 stops) and that will require some compromises but at least you have more information to play with More or less all software do something similar but adobe products like to make images especially bright which in turn generates the misconception that underwater you need to start at negative values for the ambient just to give an example. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I think my post has been misunderstood The point I was trying to make is that all raw processors make the image look like they think they look good so it is not true that your raw file is untouched There is a logic to deconstruct those settings and go back to what the camera actually shot Once you do that you realise that most times your shots were underexposed not clipped and lots of shots that look clipped with default settings are not Those 'presets' are in fact camera specific so that at the end all camera look similar in the program. This in turn means you look deeper at your camera metering which is also based on jpegs and does not tell you the full story When it comes to underwater presets or presets you can buy all start from that program default which is not actually neutral if that makes sense I guess this is a bit too complicated for this forum so I generated confusion instead
  14. On its own there is no case. However I got rid of the Olympus OMD EM1MKII I had as the GH5M2 has a new shutter box so I can take long exposures with the electronic shutter I sold the GH5 for £950 including some accessories...
  15. With regards to video you can shoot all the way to ISO 5000 and still retain colour however I don’t really do that There is a DR improvement on photos at base iso of at least 2/3 ev and the camera does better in backlit shots The new menu system is an improvement actually and there are additional exposure tools Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I can confirm the new battery pack is great I do a whole day of still with the flash trigger I did encounter an issue with the housing focus lever it would not work properly once moved to manual would not go back
  17. I have not been in Liguria but Sorrento area is great as you can see Visibility can be lacking but fish is there in abundance
  18. I have been shooting MFT since 2015 so my memories of the Sony RX100 are not so fresh I had a very good set up and pulled decent shots with the RX100 however the current set up although more bulky is superior There were some benefit with the rx100 for example the leaf shutter went all the way to thousands for sunbursts however the images were not the same quality or sharpness overall I have also developed more my style and my knowledge so some of the improvements depend on that Since the sony had a 24-70mm lens it was no longer adequate for me and the new version with a port system is at the end worst than using my set up in terms of flexibility
  19. The camera meter clipping indicator is generally incorrect as based on jpeg that is part 1 of the issue If you however resolve the issue (not possible easily on olympus cameras) then you are faced with the lightroom default that are actually worst than the camera jpegs Once you work out how to eliminate lightroom defaults you can easily see if you really clipped Most shots left to default appear clipped but they are not Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Nope it doesn’t do anything with the embedded jpeg that is only used for thumbnails on your camera or preimport The develop module doesn’t make any use of embedded jpegs Lightroom alters the raw of the camera to what adobe thinks is a good starting point this has changed during time The adobe starting point is particularly bad for underwater use All other raw processors do the same as the camera default is very flat and looks ugly A trip to libraw will show discussions on how to find your actual starting point for your camera Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I discovered after one year of shooting on land that Lightroom and other RAW editors give you what they think looks good of your RAW files not actually the RAW file Lightroom in the latest version tends to do quite a few changes: 1. Increase exposure 1 stop or more 2. Increase contrast 3. Neutralise colours to adobe standards So shots that look clipped on the highlights are not actually clipped Example: Shot as imported in lightroom The same shot after eliminating lightroom adjustments And the final shot Cotylorhiza tuberculata by Interceptor121, on Flickr The issue is to understand how to expose in camera as the camera will also shot a clipped highlight in the jpeg shown on the LCD so you need to work out an exposure setting and metering to calculate how far you can go into clipping. My camera has a metering mode called highlight weighted which makes it easier on other cameras that do not have this mode is not possible It is still possible that the blue channel will clip a little (in this case requiring -2 highlight correction) but you can see how dark the raw file actually was Once you apply this technique and pull shadows up usually there is no noise
  22. Link to full album HERE Few shots Tompot Blenny Mediterranean by Interceptor121, on Flickr Sunseeker by Interceptor121, on Flickr Hole in the wall by Interceptor121, on Flickr Gennaro and Carmela by Interceptor121, on FlickrBreeding Male Anthias by Interceptor121, on Flickr
  23. It is a different level. White balance corrects the overall balance but the hues may still be off A colour checker instead neutralises everything for accuracy Keldan makes a submersible version with a grey card (for exposure) on the other side personally am not obsessed by accurate colours as I change them anyway
  24. You need a flat port with wet lenses far more versatile than a fixed macro prime Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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