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  1. I am not a macro specialist but I don't see any values for Single AF with the 90mm I use single AF for wide shot when am not interested in a specific fish but more about the landscape. It is good to see that Alex trusts the camera in zone and wide mode with AF-C I tend to use tracking expand spot on the 90mm when am running out of depth of field However for fish portraits where you have depth of field the camera tends to focus on the closest point if detect fails which in most cases is fine as the fish is coming towards you. In my opinion though the A1 is much better at AF-C because it reads much faster than the A7R5 so I am not sure the performance will be identical at identical settings. It would be good to have some experience from someone with your camera.
  2. This is the video forum so does not really cover the idea of sunburst shots which I would normally take with a fisheye or distorted optic not rectilinear I do not anticipate this lens to have issues but that is not my intended use either
  3. There are some shots with the surface This lens generally doesn’t flare has very small ghosting that only occurs topside with the sunball in the frame Underwater I don’t see how this will ever be a problem Besides I don’t get this issue with any of my lenses or domes i have seen examples with the wacp-c but I have never experienced an issue myself Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. yes two videos in Malpelo have this lens on https://www.youtube.com/interceptor121
  5. Am not talking about the camera in absolute terms but for underwater use this doesn’t seem a big step forward from the z7II for photos For video and topside it probably is Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Battery has been historically really poor on the a6xxx wonder how this one does I can say the battery of the a1 is not bad at all and so far I have had overheat only on kong continuous clips Edit it has the same battery of the A1 so it should be very good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. DxoMark and Photonstophotos measurements are out The Z8 is very similar to the Sony A1 but has less DR and slightly worse performance at high ISO Interestingly the Nikon Z7 II performs better than the Z8/9 and similar to the D850 however it suffers from slower sync speed and does not do that well at 1/200 I think Nikon is doing great steps towards professional video but becoming less and less interesting as an underwater platform with their mirrorless offering The EVF resolution is also average for the Z8 and identical to the Z7II making the latter I believe a better buy for the underwater photographer wanting to use a nikon mirrorless
  8. Interesting for APSC users. I wonder how it does with continuous shooting and if it has limits at 30 minutes or due to overheating
  9. As per video description 180mm wide angle port Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I agree with the doctor [mention]Alex_Mustard [/mention] Today there are many 20mm rectilinear lenses that will be as sharp and have autofocus however need a dome I can see the uw15 as video lens the benefit is when you have current it has less drag For photos plenty of options Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. The theory comes from spearfishing if fish don't see your eyes they get close and this is true However the mirroring takes away some light so only works well in the shallows...
  12. I am still going through the video materials from Malpelo The trip was amazing with what I would refer as hardcore diving. Big swells, crushing waves and current in some cases extremely strong. Not easy for photographers with large rigs I had challenges myself especially as they do not let you point video lights or strobes into the blue. The following links to give an idea of how it was look at the surface when in the frame to see what it was like to get in and out of the water It was also pretty dark mostly as we had torrential rain, probably this was a bit of bad luck. It worked well for the photos creating really deep blues less well for video that comes out at times a bit noisy I decided to shoot rectilinear lenses tamron 20-40 and 17-28 for video not WWL-1 or fisheye like I have a lot of materials and little time so I decided just to provide some information of what the diving is like instead of going for artistic I will eventually combine all in one video as I have lots of topside too
  13. I see that at present there are 3 liveaboards for cocos islands 2 from agressors and sea hunter From what I can see only the okeanos aggressor has a camera table (i normally prepare my camera in the cabin anyway) and the two aggressor boats are for 22 divers while sea hunter has 20 spaces but somehow funny cabins (double and bunk on top) I am interested in feedback from fellow photographers/videographers and those and other boats for cocos
  14. The recommended nauticam port for tokina is the acrylic dome 4.33 18804 The benefit of glass on acrylic is that you can coat the inner with anti reflective layers Acrylic resists more pressure and can be repaired on the field I have both the 4.33” and 140mm dome On full frame I would use the 140mm dome except when I need to get extra close in which case I would use the 4.33” The 4.33” is flush with the n120 port it feels great in water and is very light Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. For MFT the acrylic 4.33” is probably the best option in terms of size and weight. This is available for both tokina and canon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Matabones n85 n120 35mm extension and 4.33 or 140mm dome The sony 28-60mm is the kit lens for the a7c the fact is that is a fairly recent lens All water contact lenses like small lenses which intrinsically limits performance at very close range For me we need to see how this adapter does at very close range further away everything is generally ok Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. You can use a canon 8-15 as almost 2x zoom this is not available on any other formats It is an amazing option that negates the need for this adapter as the 14-42 is after all an average lens Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Water contact optics are in most cases unsuitable for a variety of reasons They are negative, don’t focus on air and the field of view air/water is different Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. The horizontal fov of the fisheye is 2.1x wider from that picture Alex posted Assuming the other lens fov is correct that would give an horizontal of 140 degreesand diagonal of 174 degrees. This is just a tad narrower than the theoretical fov of the canon 8-15The equation does not work very well at the extremes and is not exact However I doubt very much that the fov of the WWL-1 is 130 degrees diagonal 106 horizontal I see this option attractive for full frame users who do not want to go for a tc and want more zoom however for APSC and MFT there is already a full working solution that will cost overall less
  20. From what I have measured all underwater optics fall short a long way from theoretical models because the focus distance is shorter than infinity where the field of view of the lens on land is measured I am not sure how nauticam comes to their specifications and if this is a theoretical or measured number by master lens
  21. My guess sony 28-60mm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I prefer slog3.cine2 for a variety of reasons The cinetone is almost correct out of camera and has less latitude in post Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. As you can see here the mares mirrored mask shows the eyes at close distance The mark glass has essentially a filter which as you can see is near magenta. It is not 100% reflective Not sure about other brands
  24. This theory makes no sense to me The idea of a filter on the mask does The mask I have has what looks like a variation of magenta filter. I shot video with the camera on a tripod and at distance is a mirror but at close range the eyes are visible. The loss of light is small but if you have eyesight issues in dim light you can feel it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. I bought two new masks one clear and one mirrored. The mirrored lens takes light away it is a filter after all. It looks very interesting for hazy dives to a depth of 18-20 meters where there are particles in the water Not so interesting for deep dives, wreck dives with penetration etc etc
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