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  1. Thanks for your replies. I had considered jawfish, but could not find a match in my books.
  2. Saw this at about 10M on a muck night dive in Bali. It was about 3cm long and stayed curled up and inactive. Can someone ID it please?
  3. Nice video liquidguru. It really demonstrates the skin change ! Octopus are so fasinating, it is interesting how body posture and method of movement can be useful for ID. I sometimes see mototi and they also have a special (unique?) way that can ID them even before they display the 2 blue rings.
  4. Thanks Mike, It could be but it displayed very marked blotches before the photo was taken and the Algae octopus seems to be a lot more filamented not just on the head ? I could not attach a photo here so I edited in another above that is not as clear but shows the blotches fading away.
  5. I saw this octopus in 2m of water during the day. Searching online the nearest I can come up with is the mosaic. It did display a disc like pattern before I could get a photo, then it was a bit fluffy texture with pinkish colouring. Thanks for any ID help.
  6. I saw this weird fish in a South Bali fish market. Can anyone ID it further than "armoured searobin family". I know Indo fish markets sometimes come up with undescribed species, so I thought I post here even though its not an underwater shot. The fisherman said he caught it in only 30M deep water. Thanks a lot.
  7. Hi Edmond, I have done a lot of diving in those areas, but not with the dive centers you mention. Both areas are fantastic for fish, especially big stuff. Tofo is of course whalesharks and mantas with usually plenty of both. There is hardly any coral growth and you dive on fossilised sand dunes. The visibility is often very poor as it is the plankton that attracts the big stuff. Periods of strong on shore wind can bring crystal clear water, but the whalesharks can disappear at these times as there is no food for them. The sea is often very rough and you dive with exciting surf launches by RIB and negative entries at many sites. The area is rather remote but with quite a few dive centers so you often have other dive boats on a site like manta reef. Pomene is extremely remote with no worries about meeting other divers under water. The water is warmer and clearer with more coral and easy esturary boat launches. Plenty of big fish especially sharks and rays. Mantas and devil rays are often seen at some sites. Whalesharks can be seen with luck. Diving in the upper part of the estuary is great for seahorses (up to 20 on a dive!) frogfish, seahares and small stuff. Have fun.
  8. Calling bali experts , where can we see harliquin shrimp. The ones at seraya are gone ! Also any info on tiger shrimp please.
  9. Oh no biminitwist is it true no harlequins ! We arrive in Bali this week and were really keen to finally see them. Can anyone recommend a guide/divesite were we are in with a chance? Or what is the latest are they back at Seraya?
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