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  1. Hello guys, I'm a newbie on this forum and I'm sure I'll find helpful people and infos ! It is now official: I'm considering passing my PADI Level 1 exams in Thailand so I will be on holidays and passing PADI as well. At the moment, I still have my trustworthy Lumix LX3. I've been very happy with this camera so far. Because of my recent interest in diving, I though it would be good to bring along a waterresistant camera since I would be happy to take underwater pictures. At the moment, I am considering two options (please note that there is no UW case available for the LX3... : ) The Lumix DMC-FT3 or TS3: Can go down to 12 meters deep (hum...really ?) and got this cool GPS feature...which comes very hand to know "where" the picture was actually taken ! I know this Lumix will not have a better image quality compared to my Lumix LX3 but I will be able to go underwater with it ! My only concern is knowing if I can REALLY dive down to 10 / 12 meters without killing the Lumix FT3 for good. or... The Canon S95: which has a much better overall image quality and I can put the UW case when I want to dive: Or so no GPS feature...but I'll live without it...not a deal breaker. My questions regarding the S95: are the Canon UW cases rubbish (they are at least £ 185) ? Any good ? Should I invest in a real UW case instead (Ikelite for example) ? Soooo...FT3 without UW case or S95 with UW case. There will be a nice price difference but I'm open to any idea or feedback. FYI, I'm not considering DSLR: I had one but too bulky... Many thanks for your help.
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