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  1. Hello, I think that we were in contact long time ago, I am interested in the fathom 90 degree lens. Do you sell it separatelly? If so, please let me know the price. Please contact me by email, patricia_sanz@hotmail.com Thanks!!
  2. There are many resorts opening in Raja Ampat right now, as well as homestays. I have been talking with www.rajaampatbiodiversity.com and they seem to be very professional! I will go there on September and then I can tell you how it was.
  3. Hello! I could be interested in the Fathom 90 degree. Please let me know if it is still available, and price?? patricia_sanz@hotmail.com Thanks!!
  4. Hi, I could be interested in the housing. How much is it? patricia_sanz@hotmail.com Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm interested in the housing, do you sell it with any port? Can you send some pictures? patricia_sanz@hotmail.com Thanks!
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