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  1. definitely interested, where are you located for shipping estimate? I'm in southern california
  2. Please let me know if you have one available.
  3. Housing and lens now on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=291177561523 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Light-and-Motion-Bluefin-Camera-Housing-for-Canon-S20-S21-S30-G10-G20-XA10-/291177558173?pt=US_Camera_Underwater_Housings&hash=item43cb88f09d
  4. For Sale Light and Motion Bluefin housing and system. All items are in very good shape and the system has been well taken care of all lenses are free of scratching. Since the housing fits multiple cameras, even the up to date Canon Vixia models like the HF-G20, I am selling the HF-G10 camera on Ebay. AllowingFeel free to buy that too, be sure to PM me. A few videos with this set up can be seen at: www.vimeo.com/65418059 www.vimeo.com/64931291 www.vimeo.com/34446082 All items can be sold separately, in combination or as a whole package if you desire. I will price them separately, if bought as a package I’ll pay for shipping in the USA. All “MSRPs” are current market prices. Housing: Has been professionally tapped with an E/O connection for audio in or other E/O accessories. This accessory came from Ocean Technology Systems for direct full-face mask audio input for a documentary we are filming. If you don’t want to use it, the wires stay out of the way easily. But it’s a great addition to up your production value in the future. Additionally, the on/off/mode button on the monitor plate takes a good push to turn on/off. L&M said this was fine and did not need to be replaced. ULCS arms pictured are not included. Lenses: Both lenses are in perfect optical condition, no scratching. There is minimal cosmetic wear on the body of the Wide Angle lens. The Fathoms lens is the new model that works with the 2010 and beyond Sony Bluefin housings and all Canon Bluefin housings now. Please see the links below for a complete description of the product. · Light & Motion Bluefin for Canon S20, S21, S30, G10, G20 & XA10 (MSRP $2,799). Comes with flat port, lens cap, internal red filter and a tripod mount. http://www.backscatter.com/sku/lmi-852-0144.lasso $1200 · Light and Motion Fathoms 90 Degree Super Wide Lens (MSRP $1,999) http://www.backscatter.com/sku/lmi-802-0259.lasso $800 · Canon Vixia HF-G10 32 GB internal memory Full 1080 @ 24p (MSRP $999) plus accessories. Currently on Ebay BIN $700 http://www.ebay.com/itm/291169389495?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 · Stix Float for housing works with flat port and WA lens. (MSRP $129) http://www.backscatter.com/sku/sx-fbf.lasso $50 Apparently my camera takes too large of image size to upload here, but I will try to update asap.
  5. textile t and I (brothers) had the awesome experience to film a Great White Shark feeding while en route from Santa Cruz Island clean up dive. Youtube or Vimeo for your viewing enjoyment. This is a rare occasion, especially on the So Cal Coast. We were going to snorkel with the carcass and an 8 ft blue shark, until the big boy showed up. This shark probably had 10 feet on me, and we estimated the whale carcass to be about 30 feet, so you decided how big the shark was. Thanks for watching! Divers for the non profit group, Ocean Defenders Alliance, were treated to a surprise on the way home from two amazing clean up dives in the national marine sanctuary and national park of the Channel Islands near Ventura, Ca. A VERY LARGE GREAT WHITE SHARK was filmed by the group feeding on a juvenile dead Whale, approximately 30 feet long. Video from both above and below the waterline can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/75744010 In addition, Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA) has a news worthy campaign itself. After securing tedious, but necessary, permits. ODA has been authorized to work within the National Marine Sanctuary of the Channel Islands National Park. ODA's mission is to remove abandoned "ghost" fishing gear that continues to fish once it's been lost. Volunteer divers protect their own backyard by diving to remove the debris. In a time when regulations restrict even the removal of trash and NPS is cutting staff, patrols, and budgets, ODA steps in to fill a much needed void to protect our oceans. More video is available of the efforts if needed. Thanks!
  6. Well this is still available after a buyer fell through. Please ask if you have questions. This lens is in like new condition and I must sell. Reduction in price to $200, including shipping to lower 48 CONUS. I know someone out there with a standard port really wants that beautiful wide angle view. Check out www.vimeo.com/partialpressure for example videos.
  7. We have shot with this camera in a light and motion housing for the last 2 years. we have been very pleased. Samples can be seen at WWW.vimeo.com/partialpressure
  8. still available, price reduced to $300. Need to sell asap. This works on all L&M bluefins with standard port after 2010.
  9. Yes, im in orange county, california if you want local pickup. Otherwise, you can PM me and i'll give you an estimate on shipping.
  10. As the title says, Wetmate Wide Angle from Fathoms for the Light and Motion Bluefin housing. Fits all recent housings, but you can check L&M's website or backscatter.com to make sure it fits your housing. Brand new it goes for $599. Selling for $350, plus shipping to anywhere in the world. Paypal please. 2 years old, always taken care of. In great condition, no scuffs or scratches on lens, and cosmetically new looking too. Videos with the lens can be seen at www.vimeo.com/partialpressure. Please email for photos.
  11. will he part out the spare batteries?
  12. We were on Catalina this weekend and shot some video with our HFG10, L&M Bluefin housing, and Keldan Luna 8 lights. This was our first time bringing the Keldans on a night dive and we were blown away, the spread and color were great. Visibility was 50 feet plus (a real treat in Southern California). Enjoy.
  13. any chance you would part the wide angle out on its own?
  14. Congratulations! We have a Bluefin with G10 (almost the same), what we don't have is the fathom 90, we have the wetmate 65. For us, we found the flat port works well in very silty water during some of our work dives we do and also for macro as the wet mate is "zoom through" but has its limitations(the 90 degree would fix this though as i understand it). As for the filter, I have tried to use it twice and it has fallen off and got wedged between the camera lens and the housing port effectively ruining the dive, the problem appears to be a lack of space. L&M says a diopter won't work because it is slightly thicker and there is not enough room. Based on what I have seen with the filter I imagine you might run into the same problem with a diopter. One of my dive buddies has an external diopter that flips down, but he never uses it, because the camera can focus and zoom through the standard point to almost anything he would care to shoot macro wise. So he uses the standard port so he can attached his external diopter. Either way, just check and make sure you can actuate the filter/diopter prior to diving it, obviously. I had done this but it still failed underwater. Let us know if it works, maybe i'll get one! www.vimeo.com/partialpressure
  15. My brother an I like the flex arms as well, we use the Fantasea ones and put two 12" together for a wider spread (so total length of each arm is about 22" because you take the top and bottom off of one of the arms). We did that because we typically shore dive and have a lot of particulate in our water here, so we found it keeps the backscatter out of the light in the water between the lens and subject, obviously its not that important for macro. And when we shoot macro we found Steve's suggestion of one light overhead and the other directed at the subject works well. Deeznutz78, are the same Dustin who was in Quest a little back about diving a cave in Utah?
  16. Last week our brand new set of Keldan lights (the newer versions, which are much more powerful than the last). Here is a video link: http://vimeo.com/34446082
  17. Here is a preview of some footage shot last week with the new version of the Keldan Luna CRI lights, 4500 lumen each! Outstanding color, see notes on vimeo page for how little the film was messed with and keep in mind we dive very particulate, cold, dark water here in December! can't wait to take these out at night in 100 ft viz somewhere. Camera: Canon HF G10, L&M Bluefin housing http://vimeo.com/34446082 Edit: Moderator merged the two threads into Video Gear and Technique
  18. Do you have any sample footage of the sola 4000s?
  19. I have been following the project of the Underwater Realm in the UK for some time now on vimeo: http://vimeo.com/realmpictues. They are making a series of underwater films with the R3D Epic and plan to show them at the Cannes Film Festival this next year. In doing their project they found the need for studio type lighting in their UW scenes so the made their own lights. And for the application, I must say, genius. The link below is a two part video of the system they created. http://vimeo.com/28317446 Currently they are in need of funding and have turned to Kickstarter.com to solicit funds. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/realmp...nderwater-realm I have no affiliation with this project, but thought some people would really be interested. If you donate $50, you can get the DIY plans for their light system, which they say cost about $1500 to build two banks of lights and a battery pack that can last for almost 8 hours. Obviously there are restrictions to be connected to the battery pack, but like I said, for a specific application, it looks really good. As always with UW video, light is the main issue. I could see these types of lights being used to light up a reef in controlled conditions or lakes or quarries (as they used them). Again, I have no affiliation with this project, but I may donate to get the light plans.
  20. Here is some shots of the HF G10 in low light, dark water type diving, with no artificial lights. http://vimeo.com/27745098 if you look at some of our other videos, the newest one of the Olympic II, we did not use the wide angle lens during those shots. Please take into mind that our water here in So Cal is pretty green the majority of the time.
  21. Its such a new camera I doubt there will be any used housings out there. I have used homemade, ikelite, equinox, and now light and motion bluefin. The bluefin housing for this camera is AMAZING. Well worth the price (and I'm very frugal). If you want access to the most important functions for uw video in this particular camera. This is the way to go.
  22. Its on ebay now: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...#ht_7005wt_1141. reserve is 2K, you might be able to get it for even cheaper!
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