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  1. Jose, from Saga Dive is not the cheapest solution , but really works hand-made
  2. Housing, 40 mmts extension and fisheye dome has been sold. Still for selling: flat port Hugyfot whit neopren cover extension25 mmts zoom ring for canon 17/40 or tokina 10/17 ( same diameter ) regards, Antonio
  3. Hi, Pete. I,ll sell ports and extensions after housing, I suppose you,ll understand. Housing is the big piece and ports and extension can help to sell it. There are more people interested in extensions and ports, will be adviced in order of PM Antonio
  4. you,ve got an e-mail, Mohamed, with fotos and more Antonio
  5. please, Werner, give me an e-mail address and this afternoon will send it to you Antonio
  6. Hello, peaple !!! Becouse of the crisis in Europe I will not dive in some time , and it,s time to make money, so i,m selling this: - hugyfot housing with extras ( second handle, 2 nikonos bulkheads and TTL circuit inside housing ): new 3.140 €, asking 2.000 € - hugyfot dome ( the biggest 8 " ) I use it with 17/40 and gives perfect corners using a 2 diotper : new 500 € ,asking 350 € - hugyfot flat port. new 180 €, asking 110 € - extension ring 40 mmts. new 140 €, asking 90 € - extension ring 25 mmts new 140 €, asking 90 € - zoom ring for 17/40. new 60 €, asking 40 € the combination for use is: 40 mmts and dome for 17/40 , only dome for fisheye and 25 mmts and flat port for 100 IS Material used only in 2.011 for 20 dives in Spain and 12 in Cuba. Will ship world-wide in good condition, will send photos by request
  7. the glass is much more expensive, and the acrylic is possible to repair yourself after hit a coral, boat, diver, shark. All that scratches are possible to eliminate easily, i,ve done it. there is a post about it, you can take a look. the glass dome is heavier ( bad for travelling and good for housing trim ) The glass is more strong I recomend you to buy acrylic and with the rest of money dive Antonio
  8. Take care !! in Hugyfot,s web sais that for using the 17/40 in canon FF must be with the 40 mmts extension ring ( and better adding a 2 diotper lens for sharpper corners ) Antonio
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