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  1. Morten, here are a few options: -Dyron 77mm adapter for Aquatica macro port with the 67mm-77mm step ring http://www.dyronstore.com/m77-adapter-for-aquatica-housing-macro-port.html Depending on whether you have the older or the newer macro port, you might need a different size O-ring for the adapter (the newer port has slightly smaller diameter) -The Glowdive adapter http://www.glowdive.com/en/lente/index.htm -The Reefnet adapter https://reefnet.ca/products/subsee/
  2. When I use the Nikon 60mm AF-D and the 1.4TC, I use the 18456 extension ring. This is after checking with Jean. No vignetting issues that I can tell.
  3. I have both the Aquatica and the Subsee diopters. The Subsees are definitely bulkier, although I haven't actually weighed each of them (I can do that if you want). Haven't done any comparisons regarding quality either, but I will probably sell my Subsees just because of the bulk factor. For carrying them on a dive, I use the Inon double-lens holders on a ULCS arm (both Aquatica and Subsee diopters have 67mm threads). BTW, I don't think the Saga is available for the Aquatica macro port. One way to use the Subsee on the Aquatica MF macro port is through Dyron's M77 adapter in conjunction with a 77mm - 67mm step ring. glowdive.com also has an adapter for the Subsee.
  4. You might want to contact Jean Bruneau directly (his Wetpixel username is Viz'art).
  5. Singapore Airlines also does Houston-Singapore via Moscow five days a week. Don't know how the flight times compare with United, but based on service, I would choose Singapore Airlines over United. From Singapore take Silk Air to Manado. FWIW, Silk Air is affiliated with Singapore Airlines, so might make the booking easier if you use Singapore Airlines and Silk Air.
  6. If you are going to spend most of your stay diving in Cozumel, then you should stay in Cozumel. Ferry is about 45 minutes one way, can get pricey if you stay in Playa and go to Cozumel for multiple days. OTOH, if you plan to spend maybe up to two days in Cozumel and the rest in the main land, taking the ferry might not be too bad. I myself prefer avoiding all-inclusive (there's so much good food to be had both in Cozumel and Playa if you are willing to explore). But if you want to do one in Cozumel, Scuba Club Cozumel is pretty popular among scuba divers. Last time I was in Cozumel I went with Opal's Dream (what is used to be called Scuba Mau). I didn't have any problems with them, although if you look around the Internet you'll most likely find an accident associated with the shop and causing the death of one of the owners of the old Scuba Mau. The accident didn't involve any paying guests and happened on a fun dive between the said owner and her friends. Still, I'm putting it out for your consideration. Another shop that I haven't used but have heard quite a bit about is Aldora. One of their accomplishments is being used by the President of Mexico. For the non-all-inclusive accommodation in Cozumel, you should first decide how close/far do you want to be from the main town. Being in the main town gives you easy access to food and supermarkets, but if you are not in the town it shouldn't be a problem either because taxis are easy to get and not that expensive. Whale sharks, the problem is not so much the operator but whether the sharks are going to show up at all on the day you are going. I assume you plan to be there between now and August. Some operators leave from Cancun (the ferry terminal to Mujeres), so you don't have to go all the way to Isla Mujeres yourself. But again, there's no telling where the sharks are going to be, so it might be the case that the boat has to go all the way to Holbox to find the whale sharks. When I did this it was in late June, and the boat started in Cancun and ended up somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico before we found our sharks. August is the best time for whale sharks, I heard. Cenote is worth it, but you might want to snorkel instead of dive it since your girlfriend is a beginner. And there are other Mayan ruins nearby, but I'd suggest you visit Chichen Itza.
  7. Regardless of the brands and/or models, hard drive failures are really a question of "when" rather than "if". Given that, I would suggest adding redundancy. RAID 0 is a non-starter, go with at least RAID 1.
  8. It might be the case that in Beijing you would have to clear immigration, pick up your bags, go through customs, and check in for your Manila flight (no need for a visa if your connecting flight is in less than 24 hours). This happened to me transiting in Shanghai, and looking at Flyertalk, it looks like this is also the case in Beijing. The weight issue especially regarding the carry-on will depend on the person that works at the check-in counter. It might or might not be a problem, depending on how strict that person is.
  9. I had a similar difficulty removing the O-ring for my Aquatica D7000 housing, so I picked this up from B&H, and it has helped a lot: Sea & Sea O-Ring Removal Tool
  10. I have a Lenovo T420s, it has a 14" monitor, so it might not be the smallest, still at slightly less than 4lbs, I consider it light enough to travel with. You might also want to look into the ultrabooks (MacBook Air and its PC equivalents). They are even lighter, but usually don't come with optical (DVD) drives. You might not need it anyway.
  11. An article in the Daily Mail about this issue, with images of a dead blue whale captured by Tony Wu: Heartbreaking images of Blue Whale struck dead by ship as it slept
  12. As Cary said, the 45 needs some getting used to. With the Aquatica Aqua View Finder, it's recommended to take it off the housing when traveling and treat it like you would treat your lenses, so packing the housing shouldn't be a problem.
  13. Regarding your 2nd question, I see that Reef Photo and Backscatter have that lens on their listings. You can check with them to see if they have it in stock.
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