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  1. Well, after two plannet bankrupcies in 2011 and 2017 to get rid of debt, there is certainly questionable if the cheaper assembly and production in Serbia will make the company profitable in the time to come. This recent restructuring is caused by bad housing sales in the previous years. Perhaps not surprising as there have been a lot of success from innovative new housing manufacturers in China. They did the same in 2011.
  2. It should be noted that both Nauticam and iDivesite has transfered their product distribution in Germany to other dealers/distributors. So UW Fotopartner is unlikely to recover.
  3. Top German retailer UW-Fotopartner is insolvent and filed for bankrupcy in january 15. They offered brands like Nauticam, iDivesite, Fisheye/FIX, etc. UW-Fotopartner is famous for basically moving their entire shop to the floor of the Boot show in Düsseldorf each year. For Boot 2018 part of the UW-Fotopartner stand has been filled up with swiss retailer Fantic, which however will not sell anything at the show. And since all goods from Fantic is shipped from Switzerland it's more cumbersome for shoppers in neighboring EU countries. REF: http://unterwasser-fotografieren.de/was-ist-mit-uw-fotopartner/
  4. Forget polycarbonate domes (they scratch like hell) and go for the large and beatifull 180 mm glas dome with focus knop adapter.
  5. I think most people will recommend manual focus under water.
  6. Have you seen the reports about the autofocus working considerably better if you use an external recorder? This seems to indicate that the internal processing power is really limiting the performance. Also, everything is much worse in 4K than 1080p. Also the manual acknowledges this fact.
  7. It's probabably not worse than the GH4. However people seems to expect more in 2017 than 2015. Especially since several other hybrid cams have superb autofocus.
  8. Ok. A friend have no issues with the 60 mm in in the standard flat port, but the Oly 7-14 zoom ring doesn't work for him.
  9. Sooner or later Nauticam will probably need to upgrade their M43 housings to a 100 mm port system as the 85 mm system is not optimal for the pletora of bigger and fatter lenses as well as the bigger camera bodies.
  10. There seems to be an issue with the zoom gear for the Olympus 7-14 mm as well.
  11. This should not come as a big surprise as auto focus is worse in 4K mode vs HD mode also on the GH4. Apparently the auto focus works even better if you don't record at all. Please see page 166 in the "Operating Instructions for Advanced Features" for the GH5: "To ensure highly accurate focus, 4K motion pictures are recorded at reduced auto focus speeds. It might be difficult to focus on the subject with Auto Focus, but this is not an malfunction." Sine auto focus seems to be substantially better as long as you don't record anything, this suggest that the CPU runs out of steam during actuall recording. Even more so in 4K mode.
  12. This test was with an external recorder only. And thus totally flawed. When you use internal recording almost all procesing power is taken from the auto focus calculations and used to encode the bitstream it seems.
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