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  1. still looking for the magnifier if you have one
  2. Looking for a LCD Magnifier #25106 and a 67mm Flip adapter #25101 to fit a Canon G7xII compact.
  3. I'm still looking for a flip if you're interested. there's a guy here looking for a CMC-1 on the board btw
  4. Still available? Looking for PN NA-25106 for a compact housing
  5. Already have a CMC-1, interested in the flip though if you want to separate.
  6. What port does this fit on? Can't read the P/N on the box.
  7. interested in the flip if the previous deal falls through. What's the P/n - looking for the 67mm
  8. Thanks for the comments - thinking would be best to get the DS160 and a spare battery.
  9. I've got $800 to spend on Ikelite products (photo scavenger hunt double win) but sadly I'm already a Nauticam/Inon guy. Figured the best option would be to get a good strobe and sell down the road. Ikelite has the DS161 on sale for $799 and the DS160 for $649. Looking at the products, I'm not seeing much of any performance difference between the two. Not sure whether to get a single DS161 or get a DS160 and spend the extra $50 for an extra battery. What's the advantage of the 161 over the 160 and any advice on which way to go here.
  10. Came in - no issues, very nice hardware. PVC came off easily and fits in my goodman soft sleeve well. Just need to get it wet
  11. I'll take one of the $40 ones w/ the PVC cap. Paypal or ?
  12. well those didn't last long
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