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  1. This was my first year of trying to do anything but capture images for identification. I have one picture that's irreplaceable, and one I just like from an artistic satisfaction standpoint. That was my husband, taking our grandson on his first "Discover Scuba" open water dive. It was an amazing thrill, to see him just having a ball, seeing what was underwater. This was my favorite shot from 2012. It was taken off Loreto, MX, and I was just happy with the focus, lighting, framing . . . one of the first shots I looked at and wasn't dissatisfied with. I love this thread, both to enjoy the incredible photographs that other people have posted, and also because it made me go back through my 2012 pictures and realize that I have a surprising number with which I am actually quite happy. Merry Christmas, everybody!
  2. BTW, in case anybody ever searches on this topic and finds this thread, the problem is the image processing in the camera. I have a new camera
  3. Thank you, Tom! Email sent.
  4. Please forgive me . . . I am almost totally new to underwater photography. I have a fairly primitive camera, an Olympus 6020 Stylus Tough. I am using the in-camera flash, and the housing provides a diffuser. I have worked through a bunch of issues regarding focus with the camera (turned out fogging was a big problem). Now I'm working on lighting, and this picture is not good from that standpoint. But I noticed, when I was looking at my last set of photos, that many of them had an odd, almost pixellated quality, even before they were enlarged or processed in any way. The following image has been cropped, and the resolution dropped so it's a suitable size for posting, but has otherwise not been touched: I know there are many faults of composition and lighting. But can anybody tell me why the warbonnet is so fuzzy? It's in focus, I think, but none of the outlines seems to be crisp. The picture was taken in P mode, with forced flash. ISO was 400, and sensitivity was set at +3. White balance was auto, and the camera was in underwater macro. The camera set the aperture and exposure, which were f10 and 1/30. I hope that is enough information, and I will appreciate any guidance. I realize it's a fairly minimal camera, and there are not a lot of things I can do to change what it does.
  5. Howdy, all! I'm a 57 year old ER doc from Washington State. I've been diving six years, but only recently picked up a camera. I'm using an Olympus 6020 Stylus Tough (mainly because I flooded my first camera, a Dimage, and it did serious psychological damage) and hoping for some help in improving my technique with the camera.
  6. Mark, I just found my way here, and saw your intro! From having admired your photographs on SB, I don't think you need any tips!
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