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  1. i'll give you 1500 ukp for the lot!!
  2. hello, i own a dive center with a b and b in oman in the staight of hormuz. we will be running a course on the submatix quantum in november. i have already prchased my machine and done my level1 course and will be doing with my instructor my own instructor course. Anyway we are looking for other students interested to a buy the machine and b take the level 1 course up to 40m. Diving on rebreather is a treat, unlike on open circuits you can really aproach the underwater world, the big difference i felt is that when i use to dive on oc the fishes would get disturbed by the bubbles and would usually stop the activities they carry out with a rebreather they carry on with theyre every day life! i have witnessed fight for territories, feeds, mating and laying eggs for various species it really is cool. Also you can spend up to 2-3 hours underwater!!!! The rebreather we will be teaching is a quantum submatix, latest model odf submatix the scrubber has a life span of 6 hours which is almost double of you would find on other rebreathers. An other really cool feature is the counterlungs they are not over the shoulder or in your back but come in a single form( onl one counter lung) and is between your harness and your wing the awesome thing is that you have great freedom of movement which is awesome for underwater photoshots. The machine also features some really easy fittings and clips for the inspration/exhaustion tube no need to screw in just clip in and out nice and easy!!!!! you can fit in 3 cells that you can view on a computer to drive the beast, you also have a 4 th cell on a separate oxyscan that gives you an extra value of youre ppo2. in addition you have a diluent and o2 booster. the mchaine is a emccr email me on chris@discovernomad.com if you are interested and want more info chris
  3. hey all im using a d300 with an ikelite housing for a d300 i owned it for 2 years but cant stand the thing...... im looking for used aquatica, nauticam or subal casing also im looking for a pair of ultra light arms with it cheers chris
  4. hey give me a price for the package chris@discovernomad.com cheers chris
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