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  1. Sea and Sea MDX-Pro 5D Mark II housing for sale Used for 1 year, 3 dive trips, excellent condition. Asking for $2700USD, VF45 viewfinder not included (include normal factory default viewfinder).
  2. Looking to sell a mint condition Sea&Sea MDX-Pro 5D Mark II housing. Used it for 1 year, 3 dive trips. Very good condition, with photos to show. Serious buyer PM or email me. Asking 2.7k USD. VF45 not included.
  3. Links to the photo of the items for sales as follows: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1...mp;l=a8ed37d36e If you are interested in individual items let me know.
  4. Hello, I'm looking to sell my complete Ikelite underwater photography system for 5D MarkII. All equipment is in full working order and in great condition. #6871.02 Ikelite 5d MarkII Housing #Full arm set #3945.01 DS161 with Ikelite TTL sync cord #3945.02 DS161 with Ikelite TTL dual cord #4103.52 For Macro #5508.46 Canon 100mm 1:2.8L EF USM Macro Flat Port For Canon 17-40mmL Wide Angle #5510.45 Dome Assembly #5510.24 Extended Zoom Port Body For Canon 15mm Fisheye #5510.11Super-Wide Angle Port Body Looking to sell above altogether for $3800 USD, including global delivery. Ryan
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