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  1. I liked the imagery, and rather enjoyed the older feel to the voice-over. As for the figures given, I think that the film-maker and some members of the audience are too concerned with establishing the number, whether for the sake of honesty or for the sake of drama. A simple way for the film-maker to express his point while remaining completely truthful is to step back from the role of census taker and letting the scientists do the arguing: "Scientific investigation suggests that humans annually kill up to 100,000,000 sharks." This statement is completely accurate, yet the film-maker's evocative point retains its clarity. For what it's worth, I would not be surprised to discover that 100,000,000 is an underestimate, considering the added and undocumented impacts of pollution and increased competition for food with humans, etc. In sum, I liked the film but would subtly tweak the audio content -- very interesting work, overall, Eric.
  2. The sequence was shot at Karumolum, in the Russell Island chain of the Solomon Islands in December 2012. Two cuttlefish were spotted early during a courtship ritual. The viz had been generally poor, but we caught a break on this dive. [youtubehd]L6da8WozI7E[/youtubehd]
  3. Thanks. The cam was a Sony HVR-Z7U mounted in a Phenom housing from Amphibico. You're correct that this is a short presentation, really a highlight trailer of about a minute. This is based on about five minutes of longer and more plentiful clips. They are posted below in two vidz, if you are interested.
  4. Yo, Steve: There were a fair number of turtles, but they were more shy than I had expected. Before my arrival, I had anticipated being swarmed by turtles, but they often kept their distance. Also, when we dove, the tide tended to be high. This is when the turtles were largely basking in the very shallow water out of reach. Once the tide falls, they exit the drying shallows and head down over the edges. This, I think, would have provided better encounters. Yes, things are pretty tightly regulated, and the site has probably benefited greatly. However, there are still disturbances. Bone-rattling explosions were heard fairly frequently, the alleged source being the Philippine Navy. Another thing that displeased me greatly (and ruined quite a few shots in the schools) was trash. Reportedly, the trash floats in from other islands (or boats) and sinks in the swirling currents. Nothing ruins a scenic video clip more than three jacks hungrily swimming in and out of potato chip bags. I frantically tried to collect the debris but was overwhelmed.
  5. Hi, Nick: Yes, I added a 2% rounded black matte to the clips.
  6. Here is a very brief highlight trailer derived from Sipadan earlier this month. Conditions were variable, with sudden influxes of cloudy green water being common, but reasonable-to-good shooting conditions also cropped up, yielding some opportunities. [vimeohd]44196787[/vimeohd]
  7. Great, and thanks. Do you have an idea what the closest focus is with the tubes? I will need to determine the need to modify selection of port collars.
  8. Does anyone have any experience with the Canon EF 12 II or EF 25 II extension tubes? I want to use them to get closer with the Canon 50 mm and 100 mm macro lenses in an Aquatica housing.
  9. Thanks, Steve. Unfortunately, we were periodically shaken by dynamite blasts.
  10. Hey, Steve, these were the clips from Apo...a few ok scenes, especially when the viz was on, but the viz could go from spectacular to ordinary or worse in just minutes. The phenomenon may have related to the passing storm. (EDIT) Oops...sorry these clips were not about muck diving.
  11. We did make it to Apo Island. I'll post the link, as soon as I confirm that the video is OK on youtube (current monitor is too crappy to get a good look).
  12. Thanks, Steve. Your assumption on amenities is basically correct, and things are generally Spartan. Also, expect a lot of sleeplessness until getting used to the racket from the plentiful fighting birds. Do you have any other suggestions for destinations within the Philippines?
  13. This short features some highlights from the muck near Anilao south of Batangas. The images were captured a few days after the passage of Tropical Storm Washi.
  14. Thanks, everyone, for the input. Thanks, Steve, for the link to the article. I'll be out of contact for a while as of tomorrow, but I'll report back in due course. Happy holidays!!!
  15. Great suggestions. Thanks for the further insight.
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