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  1. HI. Is this what you want? Its specifications are not 20mm, but 18mm.
  2. Price down Asking price $350 (not included shipping ). $380 (Include shipping )
  3. Sell the Subal Viewfiner. Its condition is as good as the picture shows. Asking price $450 (not included shipping ). $480 (Include shipping. from South Korea ) Paypal Only
  4. looking for a Subal Standard viewfinder if anyone has one laying around and not using it any longer. cheers
  5. I want to buy the same type as the narcd_diver. I also sent you an email.
  6. I have two DS125 strobe. It has a very clean and fully functional strobe. Battery type is NiMH. Asking for $600 until Oct 16. Include shipping price. Only US Shipping. If interested, Please e-mail me ( ajjipark@gmail.com )
  7. Sold Dome Port & Camera. Housing + Macro Port : $250 until Oct 16.
  8. I have a Aquatica A30 Housing with Canon 30D Camera for sale Very little use and in excelent condition. Aquatica Housing (2 nikonos 5pin bulkhead)+ Dome Port + Macro Port : $500 plus shipping Add Canon 30D Camera : plus $50 if interested, please E-mail me (ajjipark@gmail.com) Thanks
  9. I want two green-force battery pack and charger set. flexi II or III.
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