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  1. I have GS180 and 45 degree Viewfiner for use in Subal.Below is the GS180 Post that was put up for sale.If you are interested in GS180 or 45 degree viewfinder, please contact me.
  2. HI. Is this what you want? Its specifications are not 20mm, but 18mm.
  3. Price down Asking price $350 (not included shipping ). $380 (Include shipping )
  4. Sell the Subal Viewfiner. Its condition is as good as the picture shows. Asking price $450 (not included shipping ). $480 (Include shipping. from South Korea ) Paypal Only
  5. looking for a Subal Standard viewfinder if anyone has one laying around and not using it any longer. cheers
  6. I want to buy the same type as the narcd_diver. I also sent you an email.
  7. I have two DS125 strobe. It has a very clean and fully functional strobe. Battery type is NiMH. Asking for $600 until Oct 16. Include shipping price. Only US Shipping. If interested, Please e-mail me ( ajjipark@gmail.com )
  8. Sold Dome Port & Camera. Housing + Macro Port : $250 until Oct 16.
  9. I have a Aquatica A30 Housing with Canon 30D Camera for sale Very little use and in excelent condition. Aquatica Housing (2 nikonos 5pin bulkhead)+ Dome Port + Macro Port : $500 plus shipping Add Canon 30D Camera : plus $50 if interested, please E-mail me (ajjipark@gmail.com) Thanks
  10. I want two green-force battery pack and charger set. flexi II or III.
  11. Hello, I am selling my complete Light motion underwater photography system for the Nikon D200. All equipment is in full working order and in great condition with only a few expected minor scratches. Including: ◾Light Motion Titan D200 housing ◾Light Motion 10inch Fisheye Optical Dome Port ◾Light Motion 60mm Macro Port with gear ◾Light Motion Focus Light ◾2 X SB105 Strobe with sync Cable and Arm I am asking $1800 including shipping worlwide. Paypal ok. Contact me with questions or offer through - ajjipark@gmail.com ROC Function.. Thanks
  12. Hello! I have a paypal account. If you have a paypal account, as follows: Let 1) tell me your paypal account and shipping address. 2) I will request through paypal about the adaptor costs($100) 3) If you paypal approved. 4) I will send to you the adaptor. 5) If you receives the adaptor, please send email to me. thanks. Park
  13. I have a adaptor ring to aquatica port. If you want, I will send it for $100. include shipping. also I have a Light motion Macro port. If you want this, I will give $50. Park.
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