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  1. Good Advice from Great Hammerhead. You have to "dip your toe in" at some point. It can become an upgrade process, but that is OK -- I have continuosly sold kits I have outgrown on various forums and sites-- you learn as you go, and you also have to do your homework -- check for new models as well. You can also visit/call one of the reputable UW dealers in your area for help. Someone once told me "it's not the equipment, it's the shooter" -- in otherwords, a great photographer can make great photos with a simple kit -- go forth, be bold and have fun -- that's really what it's about!
  2. Wow, do I get it -- but in this scenario, I am the wife! :-) UW photography is expensive and sooooo hard to explain... What does your spouse love? What is her passion? Fund it the same. Share the love and the expenditures on hobbies -- keep everyone happy! ;-)
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