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  1. sold the 17-40. The 100mm is still available.
  2. I have a canon 100mm macro but am not looking for trades. Its basically brand new. 500$
  3. $1350 for the camera body 500$ each lens Extension SOLD!
  4. 26k shutter actuations. I would sell without it but honestly, I didn't really figure them into the price much. I could do like 1425 without them if you want. PM me because I have somebody else interested as well.
  5. I am getting rid of most of my gear. I have for sale: Canon 5d ii in great shape, comes with l-bracket, battery grip and 3 batteries. see photos: $1500 70-200mm L f4: 600 17-40 L: 600 100mm macro: $550 1.4x II extender: $200 I will do $3250 shipped for the whole lot if anybody is interested. Thanks, Jim
  6. The arms may be sold… waiting to hear back from another member. If not, they are yours. I do not have a double tray, sorry.
  7. $150 for both arm sets! $75 for the dual sync and 40$ for the individuals (each)
  8. 40$ each for the single sync cords! $175 for both arm sets!
  9. sola 800 is SOLD Arms and sync chords still available.
  10. i give up on the email, i don't know why they're not sending. on my side it shows that they're attached.
  11. It is the one with red lights. Im sending you photos now.
  12. I am getting rid of my remaining underwater photo gear. All I have left is: Sola 800 with case and charger, GREAT condition, a few minor scuffs but functions like new. -$350 Aquatica arm set, including 6 arms total, all clamps and the mount to aquatica housings for both sets. : $150 each set Nikonos to ikelite sync chords. 3 total. Two are single sync chords and one is a double. 50 each for the singles or 75 for the double. Shipping is 10$ Thanks! This is the arm set I am selling. I have two available. $250 for both. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/483069-REG/Aquatica_17511_Arm_Set.html
  13. I have a dual sync chord that you can have for 75$ or two single ones that I will do for $50 each. Let me know.
  14. So glad it got there ok. Hope you have a lot of fun with it! Let me know when you make it to Hawaii to fix our waters.
  15. Canon doesn't make a 20mm L series if I'm not mistaken… Are you sure its a 20mm L? If you will do $1150 shipped, I am interested. Let me know.
  16. Ok, I really want to unload this by the end of the month. $2500 for everything.
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