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  1. 2700 shipped for everything. This is close to $10,000 worth of equipment and it looks and feels BRAND NEW
  2. 2,000 for the housing 750 for the port 200 for the extensions and focus ring
  3. Here are the pictures I promised. I honestly can't find a scratch on any of the items. Even the dome shade is good as new, no scuffs anywhere.
  4. If somebody can paypal in the next few days, I will do 3200 shipped not including the pelican case.
  5. I am selling an entire SUBAL setup for a 5d mark ii. This gear is completely flawless and has only been used a handful of times, always rinsed and stored in a pelican case. I can't even see any wear on the items. I will upload pics shortly. Housing-$2500 8" dome-$1000 16-35 zoom ring-$75 16-35 extension port- $100 I also have an extra extension port that is about a centimeter longer than the other but I don't know exactly which model it is for. I will do more research and provide an update but that will also be $100. Pelican case (1620) with dividers-$100 I will do $3500 for everything. Shipping will be $50 for the entire setup preferably shipped in the pelican case.
  6. Everything but the shutter release sold. I will sell the release for $250. Never been used.
  7. Macro port-300 viewfinder-950 shutter release-300 extension tube-100
  8. I recently bought a subal housing for my 5d ii and am looking for a macro port. I want to buy used because I can not afford to pay for a new one. I see plenty of 3rd gen 105vr macro ports for the nikkon 105vr lens but no ports for the 100mm canon macro. The ports look identical. Does anybody know if I can use the 105 port?
  9. Hello, I still have some aquatica gear to sell as I have changed over to subal. First off is the aquatica macro port (18426) with focus adjustment knob, Has neoprene cover and looks good as new and functions perfectly- $350 Aquaview finder with pouch and rubber sleeve, barely used, looks brand new-$1000 Shutter relase, brand new, never used- $350 Extension tubes- 18457 and 18453- $150 each If somebody wants all of the items, I will do 1750$ plus shipping. Open to negotiation and trades. Thanks, Jim
  10. still for sale. shipping to sweden is 80$ priority mail
  11. I have the aquaview viewfinder, pretty much brand new with pouch-$1000 macro port with focus knob-300 extension tubes-$150 each shutter release-300 sync cables (nikonos to ikelite) $50 each
  12. I have everything BUT the housing haha. My gear is all aquatics and I know there's someone else selling an aquatica housing for a good price
  13. Housing, dome port and sigma lens all sold
  14. Sorry for not updating on this post, I have been away on travel and completely forgot about this. For the housing, I would like would like to get close to 2000. Everything is still for sale except for the lights and arms. Thank you.
  15. I only have one charger for the set. As for the batteries, they are the standard DS-160 batteries. Lithium Ion.
  16. Hi everybody, I have two ikelite DS 160s that I need to unload. They function perfectly and hold a charge great. I am only getting rid of them because I have been doing mostly surf photography and need a much smaller unit or none at all. I will do $600 each or $1100 for both. I have two single sync chords and one dual chord. The cords have the nikonos bulkhead and will fit aquatica housings. single cords- $50 each Dual cord- $100 The cords look brand new and the strobes only have minor scratches.
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