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  1. Hi there, i cannot seem to find a definite answer, does anyone has the mentioned setup 5d2, 17-40, ikelite 8" dome with 5510.24 ? do you need a dipotre, are you happy with / without dioptre? if you could also point to a web gallery or some pictures with the mentioned setup i would be more than happy. many thanks, Dorin
  2. Hi Mexwell, did you go in the end with 17-40 and 8" dome (ikelite). i just bought my setup, case for 5d2, 8" dome, port for fisheye and port for 100mm IS and i need something for inbetween, thinking that 17-40 may be a good option. can you please share your experience as there are so many scattered mentions on the forum that i cannot make my mind. many thanks, Dorin
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