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  1. Sea & Sea Zoom Gear for Canon 16-35mm/ Tokina 10-17mm - 100GBP SEA & SEA Focus Gear for Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens - 150GBP Sea & Sea Canon EF 17-40mm F4L USM Underwater Camera Zoom Gear - 80GBP Sea and Sea DX Compact Macro Port 52 - 220GBPSEA & SEA Compact Macro Port S II with M67 Thread - 120GBP SEA & SEA NX Compact Macro Port Base Item #: 56201 - 100GBP Again open to offers
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sea-Sea-RDX-550D-Underwater-Camera-Housing-Canon-T2i-/141450471287?pt=UK_Photography_Underwater_Cases_Housing&hash=item20ef1ae777
  3. Hi All, Here are a couple of videos I made using primarily a GoPro and some of the stills were taken with a Canon 550D/T2i - in hindsight I would have went with the HD format - so unfortunately they are quite low resolution - it was my first attempts. Here is a trip to Guadalupe And here is one of lobster diving/spearfishing/Whales around Bermuda - it does have some images of fish and lobsters being caught so if you are squeamish about that kind of thing I suggest you dont watch it - the marine environment around Bermuda is very well managed and protected with strict quotas an policing - and of course we only ever catch what we can eat. The whale footage is from Newfoundland. Any constructive criticism welcome! Cheers,
  4. I'm headed to Guadalupe in August on the Nautilus Explorer and I am looking for any input anyone has on the setup to shoot the sharks from the cages. I have the T2i and 2 lens set ups I plan on using: 1) the Tokina 10-17mm behind the S&S NX Dome Port 2) the Canon 17-40mm behind the S&S NX Dome Port plus the 40mm Port Extension Having researched this in depth I am concerned that I may have made a bad decision with the 17-40mm and perhaps should have went for the 10-22mm (but its not too late to correct the mistake!). I understand there will be no 'right' setup 100% of the time - but I chose this setup as I think it will give me a good mix of shots of the sharks. Any input anyone has on shooting sharks from cages would be appreciated - especially in the good viz conditions at guadalupe. Should I bite the bullet and get the 10-22mm as well???? Thanks,
  5. Hi there - my new RDX 550 housing arrived yesterday and there is a slight concern for me - I attached the L port base into the main body and locked down the metallic disc - however there is still some movement(very slight) from the L base. This is a bit of a concern as I would have expected it to have locked it firmly in place with no movement at all. Is this normal, I guess my thinking is that if the L base can move then the o ring seal between it and the housing can move creating room for things to go wrong! I'm going to take it for a dip without camera first to see anyway but wanted to enquire with you guys to see whether this is normal? Any input would be welcome. Many thanks in advance,
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