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  1. The Sealux Housings are available now and the Prices / Price List ist there as well ! mfg Roland My Sony TD10 is still dry ....
  2. There is more Information now about the Sealux Housing - but still no Price ... http://www.sealux.de/en/products/video-hou...-sony/hdr-td10/ mfg Roland
  3. One day I had to start editing some of my underwater footage. I bought Edius Neo 1, a Core Duo Laptop and tried to make a "short" Video within one day. Here is the result. http://www.vimeo.com/2429615 Not perfekt, some scenes are not really sharp, but take a look..... There will not be musik in my videos, because of Copyright restrictions in Germany. Videos from this Website with Musik under Copyright are blocked in Germany !!!! Roland
  4. Hi Stew, last year I have been in "Divers Lodge Lembeh" : ( easy to find with google...I don´t know if it is allowed to post the Link) They do have a smal house reef, but it is for shure not the best Place in Lembeh - but Ok for a night dive. The Resort ist lokated in the Lembeh Strait. From Divers Lodge Lembeh you will not be in such a big group on a Boat. I have been on a Boat with two of my friends and we had two guides !! Those guides do now there dive sites, they will show you a lot of rare critters. But it is not a Zoo, nowbody can guarantee to find the yellow striped, hary pygmae Seehorse They are used to handle cameras ! The food is very good, I got a few more kilos on top You don´t need cash there in the Resort. ( Just give your Purse to the owner, he will store it in a Safe for you ) I did not close my Room there, there is no need to do so !! The trasfer depends on the Critter you want to see and where it shoud be ! So the Boat ride can be 30 Minutes ore around 60 Minutes to the dive Site. Best whishes Roland
  5. The Sealux Housing should come this month The TD10 ist available in Germany now and it comes with Vegas Movie Studio 11. Some People did some test on short 3D Clips from the TD10 in Vegas 10e. You can work with those files, look at them while cutting in 3D and burn them on BD Disk, play back in 3D !! mfg Roland
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