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  1. Thank you so much for your suggestions, i honestly was leaning towards the G12 with ikelite housing but with all the great reviews on XZ-1 in Oly housing i think i'll give it go :-) I am soooo very new at this and a little too ambitious i'll now look into strobe lighting and how this stuff works, but i'll be buying a book to save myself from embarrassment and asking the very basic questions. Thanks for all your help Marijana
  2. I was going to purchase the XZ-1 but have changed my mind to get a G12. Reason being i've read reviews saying the XZ-1 isn't so great without a strobe (and i am not looking into getting a strobe just yet) Just need a decent camera and housing, so the option has been a XZ-1 with Oly housing or a Canon G12 with Ikelite housing
  3. Hi all, I have been researching more than i'd like to admit - almost to the point of obsessive! It'll be my first time diving and snorkelling with a camera in August, going to Bali. I love photography but as i've never photographed underwater i am worried about taking my DSLR. So i am looking to invest in a digital camera and housing for diving and snorkelling. I have narrowed my list down to either an Olympus or Canon. I can only afford (for now) a good camera and housing. If it is something i enjoy then i'll venture into strobes etc etc So on a budget i need a camera with a good flash for underwater and able to take great close ups. All of that just based on the camera and housing, no strobe lights. So it'll be great if anyone can help me decide on which of the following: Olympus TG-810 Olympus XZ-1 Canon Powershot S95 Canon Powershot G11 or G12 Your help is greatly appreciated!!! Marijana
  4. Hi I am a new as newbie gets but i have been researching for months now! This forum is fantastic as i am learning SO much! Now just have to narrow down my list of camera choices.... Marijana
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