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  1. Thomas: your setup sounds perfect. Focus light is "important" for macro, but only just so. BTW: if funds are an issue, you can forgo the gears for your 12-50, since you "can" use the underwater scene mode to select a gross choice of zoom. This isn't perfect, but the money may be better spent elsewhere, or on a dedicated macro lens.
  2. I've been looking at the photo differences, and trying to figure out which dome to get. From my understanding the 4.33 can better handle above/below photos and gets a wider overall view, 3.5 is better for closer views and is tiny. The picture quality looked pretty similar. I'm leaning towards the 3.5, because I like getting close to things. Anyone want to sell me on that decision or tell me I'm crazy and should go 4.33? (my lenses are panny 14, 8mm, 14-42, 45-150. Only expecting to use the 8mm while diving.)
  3. Ugh, that's not good. I just got my omd and have been considering that exact configuration, Nauticam + 8mm port and I would rather it not flood. I love the 8mm underwater with my old gf2.
  4. I have a 10bar housing plus flat port, port for 14-42 + gears and wide port for 8mm lens. Original price was 1500, I'll let it go for a flat 1100, do not want to separate the ports. If you are interested, let me know. My GF2 was ruined unfortunately (unrelated... the one time it was out of the housing) and I decided to take the "opportunity" to move up to an OMD.
  5. Anyone have any more contacts with Oly that might be able to get some additional information about the pt-e08? When asked I just get the "what? We don't anything with that model number yet" answers. Not terribly helpful for someone who wants to get his hands on it by june, however unlikely that is to happen.
  6. the previous cases have electrical connections, so maybe. that being said it also has a wireless ttl mode through the flash. This reduces the recycle time to pretty much the same as an sync cable BUT it is only compatible with the oly strobes as far as I can tell. The electrical connections would require a ttl converter if you want to use something made by a proper underwater company.
  7. I just picked up a gf2 10bar housing. I only have the 14 and 14-42mm lenses (at least for underwater use) for now, but I'll give some feedback on how they worked when I get back from a blackbeards cruise in a bit. I wonder if I can rent the 7-14 and/or 45mm? Anyone know where I could do that on short order? On land the focus and zoom controls are the only thing I am worried about. Everything else is very quality feeling and lots of extra parts that are common replacements (orings and the like). The zoom requires you to push in and turn, but the motion isn't quite what I would call "refined". Then again, I might be saying that I was wrong when I come back. Underwater use is not the same as in air!
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